During long layovers or when flights are delayed, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) can offer sleep pods. Atlanta Airport has sleep pods at various concourses. These are mainly provided by Minute Suites. These suites are equipped with several amenities and are available on hourly/overnight rent. In addition to these, there are some other sleep spots as an alternative option to these. These options are airport rest zones, lounges, and hotels that can be accessed for free or at minimal costs.

List of Sleeping pods at Atlanta Airport
ATL Airports Sleep Pods

Sleep Pods at ATL Airport Concourse B

At Atlanta Airport, sleeping pods can be availed by fliers at Concourse B. These are facilitated by Minute Suites at 2 locations here.

Minute Suites Sleep Pods LocationGates B24 and B16 of Concourse B, ATL
Facilities AvailablePrivate rooms with daybeds, office space, and TVs,Shower facilities,Snacks and drinks 
Contact Details for ReservationsOfficial Website: minutesuites.com
Telephone Number: 404-975-3941
Email ID: info-atlb24@minutesuites.com

Sleep Pods at Concourse E of Atlanta International Airport

For passengers at/around Concourse E of ATL Airport, sleep pods are open. They are provided by Minute Suites in the form of suites/private rooms. 

Location of Minute Suites Sleeping PodsAtrium, above the escalators, Concourse E, ATL
Facilities with PodsDaybeds, TVs,Showers, Eatables, Workspace
Contact Information (For Bookings)Official Website: minutesuites.com
Phone: 470-945-5487
Email Address: info-atle@minutesuites.com

Atlanta Airport, Georgia, Concourse F Sleep Pods

Sleeping pods are accessible at Atlanta Airport at/near Concourse F. Here, aside from pods, Minute Suites offers several amenities including sleep masks, neck pillows, feminine care, daybeds, showers, etc.

Contact Medium for ReservationsContact Information
Email Addressinfo-atlf6@minutesuites.com
Phone Number404-205-5040

Mainly via Minute Suites, Atlanta International Airport offers sleep pods to fliers at different concourses. These sleep pods can be booked in the form of suites with easy accessibility on the basis of availability. Aside from daybeds, travelers can also avail of several other amenities for their comfort at these pods.

Does Atlanta Airport have sleep pods?

Yes, at different concourses, sleep pods can be spotted at Atlanta International Airport (ATL).

Are sleep pods at Atlanta Airport open at night?

Fliers can utilize sleep pods at any time during their layovers at the airport in Atlanta, even at night.

Who is the provider of sleep pods at Atlanta Airport?

Sleep pods at the airport located in Atlanta are provided by Minute Suites.

What amenities are there at ATL Airport sleep pods?

The sleeping pods at ATL are equipped with showers, TVs, eatables, and other amenities.

Are there any age restrictions to use ATL Airport sleep pods?

Commonly, there is no age restriction to utilize these sleep pods at ATL. However, underaged fliers should be accompanied by adults who are at least 18 years of age.

Is smoking allowed at sleep pods at Atlanta Airport?

At present, smoking is not allowed at this airport’s sleeping pods.

Where can I take a nap except for sleep pods at Atlanta Airport?

Hotels, sitting areas and lounges are available at ATL Airport. These can be reserved when sleeping pods are unavailable.

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