Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) offers a variety of transportation options to accommodate the needs of travelers. Atlanta Airport transportation options mainly include ground modes like trains, buses, shuttles, and taxis. Additionally, one can prefer private vehicles when traveling from the airport to areas within the city or seeking connections to other destinations. For luxury options, ATL offers limousine services as well. The fee for these facilities is usually cost-effective and sometimes differs based on the distance to be covered. 

Public & Private Transportations at Atlanta Airport
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Transportation Options

Atlanta Airport Ground Transportation via Taxis

At ATL Airport, passengers can avail of taxi services at the pick-up locations of both terminals, near the ATL arrivals area.

  • Domestic pickups occur between Door W1 and W2.
  • International pickups occur at the A1 door. 
  • Airport transportation to Atlanta via taxis is mainly provided to the following locations: 
    • Buckhead 
    • Downtown 
    • Midtown 

Taxi Fees: 

The flat rate for using taxis to and from the Atlanta Airport is as per the meter. 

DistanceFee Charged (In USD)
First one-eighth mile 3.50 
Every additional one-eighth mile 0.30 
Wait time for one hour 24 

Fliers will also have to pay fuel charges and additional surcharges: 

LocationFuel and Surcharges (In $)
Midtown 38 
Downtown 36 
Buckhead 48 

ATL SkyTrain Transportation 

SkyTrain is the Atlanta Airport transport mode that connects to various gateways and centers nearby. 

  • ATL West Parking Deck 
  • Gateway Center Arena 
  • Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway 
  • Georgia International Convention Center 
  • Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway 

Atlanta Airport Public Transportation to and From the City

Service Provided Rail and Bus Rail Buses 
Pickup Location Red and Gold train lines 1688 Peachtree St. NWNear Door LN1 on the lower level at the North end
Contact Number 404-941-3441. 
Eligibility Passengers with Breeze cards Anyone Anyone 
Pre-Booking Allowed Allowed 

Transportation to Atlanta Hartsfield Airport via Shared Ride Shuttles 

For commuting to and from ATL, shared rides or shuttles are available. This Atlanta Airport transport mode is available at both terminals.

Domestic TerminalInternational Terminal
Local Shuttles – Between the stations 1 and 3Regional Shuttles – Stalls 4 to 8. A3 door of the arrival level

Fees for Shuttle Services

The cost charged for shuttle services at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport differs based on the arrival location.

LocationFee Charged (Per Person)
Midtown USD 18.50
Downtown USD 16.50
Buckhead USD 30

Available Airport Shuttles

A few shuttle companies based in Atlanta offer these services to ATL Airport arriving passengers. 

CompanyContact Information
Atlanta Hotels Connection 404-312-2479
Greater Atlanta Shuttle, Inc.678-851-7063
ATL Airport Shuttle 770-801-8000
Airport Perimeter Connection 404-761-0260
Groome Transportation334-821-3399 (Auburn) 
423-954-1400 (Chattanooga) 
205-719-0469 (Birmingham) 

Limousine Transportation from Atlanta Airport to the City 

The limousine facility provides a luxurious means of transportation from Atlanta Airport to downtown for both domestic and international fliers. 

  • 1st Corporate Limousine 
  • A Formal Image Limousines, Inc.
  • A Luxury Limousine Service, Inc. 
  • A & M Limousine Corp. 
  • A First Choice Limousine, Inc. 
  • Atlanta Airport Limos, LLC 
  • ATL Transportation Network, LLC 

Pick-Up Locations for Limousine Transportation: 

At Atlanta Airport, the pick-up locations when booking limousines are different for the Domestic and International Terminals.  

Near the North/South Curbside Lower Level or at the AtriumOn the arrival outer curb or at the Arrival Level 

Rideshare Cars To and From Atlanta Airport 

Certain rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft provide transportation to/from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. Passengers should book these cabs using the official mobile apps. 

Pick-Up Locations: 

For Uber/Lyft at ATL, the domestic and international pick-up locations include: 

Between the N2 and N3 doors at the North Economy lotOn the Arrival Level outer curb 

Private Transportation From/To Atlanta Airport

Passengers with private vehicles can use their personal modes of transportation to Atlanta Airport and vice-versa. They will require  ATL parking lots to halt their vehicles. 

The Atlanta Airport transportation options guarantee a hassle-free means for the fliers to commute. Not only to the city center, but this wide network of ATL ground transportation offers facilities to get to hotels, counties, and gateways as well. Additionally, it facilitates the usage of personal cars for transportation. 

Where is the pick-up location for hotel shuttles at ATL Airport?

At the Domestic Terminal, pick-ups take place outside the west curb and near the A3 door at the International Terminal of ATL Airport.

Is there charter transport at ATL Airport?

Drivers authorized with GT permits can provide charter transportation from the airport.

Can children travel for free via Atlanta Airport taxis?

Usually, no Atlanta Airport transportation fee is charged for children under 6 years.

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