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Does Atlanta International Airport have a Smoking Area?

Does Atlanta Airport have a Smoking Area

At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport/ATL, smoking is limited in some areas within the premises. This has been ensured in an effort to protect the health and safety of travelers. In relation to the same, there are a few Atlanta Airport smoking areas. They are located close to the terminal and are accessible through different doors. A traveler can use these areas for free and at any time of the day to engage in this activity. Upon the violation of any rules, one may be fined or other consequences may occur. 

Is there a Smoking Area at Atlanta Airport?

Is there a Smoking Area at Atlanta Airport

Atlanta International Airport has specific areas for smoking. They can be found outside the Domestic and International Terminals. There is a minimum of 25 feet separating these areas from the terminal entrance. Fliers who are above 18 years old are allowed to smoke here. 

Are there Smoking Areas at Atlanta International Airport Terminals?

Currently, smoking areas at Atlanta International Airport terminals are unavailable. However, outside the terminals, at different gates, designated areas are featured where one can smoke. 

Terminals with Smoking AreasDoors/Gates
Domestic Terminal North (Lower Level) Door LN1,Door LN2
Domestic Terminal South (Lower Level) Door LS1,Door LS2
International Terminal Departure Doors D3 and D1 (Upper Level),Arrivals Doors A1 and A3 (Lower Level) 
Domestic Terminal (North Main) Door N1,Areas between Doors N4 and N3
Domestic Terminal (South Main)Area between Door S1 and S2,Area between Doors S4 and S5,Door S6

In Brief,

Usually, in Atlanta, Georgia, smoking is prohibited. The same rules are followed at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). However, considering fliers’ needs, its authorities have permitted the activity in some areas within the airport. Thus, there are around 10 smoking areas at Atlanta Airport to wisely engage in the activity.

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