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How Early to Arrive at Las Vegas Airport (LAS)?

How Early to Arrive at Las Vegas Airport?

Navigating through Las Vegas Airport or Harry Reid International Airport can require time when flyers look forward to departing flights. To make travel less time-consuming, it is recommended to arrive early. To arrive at Las Vegas Airport or LAS to board a flight, the time will depend on the airline. At times, reaching here at least 90 minutes before departure is suggested to promptly complete pre-travel processes such as security checks, check-ins, etc. While this is recommended for domestic fliers, for international ones, the arrival time can be earlier as more procedures will have to be completed.

How Early to Arrive at Las Vegas Airport for Domestic Flights?

Visiting a few hours early at Las Vegas Airport is suggested for a pleasant travel experience. However, the exact arrival time may vary from one carrier to another. Hence, fliers must inquire about the same to avoid any issues.

Domestic TerminalTerminal 3
Suggested Arrival Time2 hours before the flight’s departure time

How Early Do I Arrive at Las Vegas Airport for International Flights?

Since international travel includes additional processes such as customs and immigration, it is best to arrive at LAS Airport several hours before departure. This will help travelers complete the necessary/extra procedures without any hassle.

International TerminalTerminal 1
Suggested Arrival Time3 hours before the flight’s departure time

Why should a Passenger Arrive Early at Las Vegas Airport?

Arriving before the scheduled departure of the flight will come with several benefits, i.e. on-time completion of pre-departure processes. 

  • Additionally, early arrival will enable flyers to timely navigate the essential counters at Terminal 1 or 3.
  • One can enjoy unique airport amenities by reaching LAS on time.
  • Arriving sooner than the flight’s take-off time can enable one to explore the best things to do at Harry Reid Airport.
  • When carrying a pet, arriving early at the airport is not only important but a must in order to complete several procedures.

In a Nutshell

Early arrival at Las Vegas Airport (LAS) is recommended to timely board flights. Depending on the flight type, the exact time of arriving here can be determined. For instance, domestic passengers must come here at least 2 hours before the flight while international ones should reach the airport 3 hours before take-off.

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