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How to Get through Airport Security Faster & with More Ease?

How to Get through Airport Security Faster?

To safeguard travelers from any mishaps, every airport manages the security procedures before departure and after arrival. This procedure can be completed within 1 hour. Sometimes, due to late arrival at the airport, baggage issues, etc., there can be delays in completing this procedure. To avoid the same or get through airport security faster, fliers can enrol in special programs. Or, they can reserve specific tickets like premium fares to expedite the security procedures. Usually, there are additional costs to book such fares or enrol in special programs. However, through these, fliers can clear security lanes within 30 minutes or less.  

Can You Get through Airport Security Faster?

Depending on some factors, fliers can get through airport security faster. It will depend on the type of ticket, the time of the day, the specific season, checkpoint location, airlines that fliers are traveling with, and others. Also, by enrolling in some programs offered by specific airlines, one can cut off excessive time at the security checkpoint.

How to Get through Security Faster at an Airport?

By following certain rules and regulations of the specific airport, fliers can get through security faster. One such rule is to pack luggage properly. Avoid storing prohibited items that can result in delays or difficulties at the time of security screening. Other terms involve arriving early, enrolling in a few programs, etc.

  1. Arrive Early or on Time 

At airports, security lines can be long during periods of high travel demand. One can expedite the security procedure at the airport by arriving early or on time and skip these lines. By doing so, they can quickly pass the lanes prior to others. 

  1. Enrol in Programs 

To get through the security process faster at the airport, a passenger can enrol in TSA PreCheck and CLEAR programs. With these, he/she can clear the procedure within a few minutes. Apart from these, for international travel, programs like Global Entry and others are available as well.

  1. Keep ID and Boarding Pass Handy

When having a boarding pass and ID in hand,  it makes it easier to show these documents to agents. Hence, fliers can quickly pass the security lane. 

  1. Reserve a Spot Online 

Certain flyers can select a specific time and place for airport security screening by using CLEAR’s Reserve a Spot feature. 

  • This system is available in 19 airports worldwide. 
  • By reserving this, there is a 20-minute window accessible for each booking.
  • For the same, a flyer’s ID is required. 
  • In order to allow people to continue moving, make sure to arrive on time. 
  1. Traveling in Premium Class 

When having reservations with Premium Class, travelers need not stand in long queues for security screening procedures at airports. Also, they can quickly check-in their luggage using the priority baggage check-in option. 

Are there Any Programs to Get through Airport Security Faster?

To get through the security at the airport faster, there are some programs available for a fee. For the same, enrolling in advance is necessary. Once enrolled, these are active for up to a certain time period. 

  1. Global Entry

To lessen security wait times at Customs and Immigration kiosks, fliers can enrol in the Global Entry Program. This program is available to reduce the screening time at multiple airports in the United States. 

  1. TSA PreCheck 

With the TSA PreCheck program, fliers can get through airport security faster and with fewer checks involved. Usually, fliers can pass the lane within 10 minutes. 

  1. CLEAR

Members who have enrolled in the CLEAR security program do not have to wait in lines at airports for a TSA agent to check their passports, licences, or other documents. Instead, they can move via a separate security lane with a specialized kiosk. 

How Fast can I Get through Airport Security?

Usually, within 1 hour, flyers can get through airport security. However, the duration can change based on the time of the day, checkpoint location, and other factors. By enrolling in expedited programs, a flyer can clear the airport security within 30 minutes or less. 


Whether passengers are traveling domestically or internationally, they look forward to quick airport security procedures. Usually, general and custom security screening can take long hours. To lessen the time, one can opt for some programs, take measures, or book special fares.

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