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Is Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW) Safe for Fliers?

Is Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW) Safe for Fliers? Know the Answer

Chicago Midway International Airport or MDW upholds safety regulations to prevent any dangerous situations for fliers. Thus, Midway Airport is safe because it follows all the regulations set by important bodies like federal and public health partners. Also, it undertakes steps in accordance with several considerations at the screening counters, whether a flier is traveling domestically or internationally. Further, having the appropriate equipment and precautions in place, while at the airport, fliers remain safeguarded from terror attacks or other such incidents. This is one of the reasons why since 2005, when flying to or from this airport in Illinois, there have been no significant mishaps reported. 

Does Midway Airport have Security Guards? 

Midway International Airport (MDW) has many guards and personnel to ensure the security of travelers, visitors, and airport/airline employees. They have responsibilities that extend beyond verifying the identity and baggage/belongings of individuals. 

  • Here, the personnel strives to keep Chicago Midway Airport safe at all times by identifying and thwarting possible dangers. 
  • They maintain routine patrols over the ground and terminals. 
  • Checking baggage at specified checkpoints is sincerely undertaken by the authorities. 
  • Cars are examined as they enter the airfield and any forbidden areas. 

Is Midway Airport Well-Guarded? 

Security at MDW Airport

As of now, the Midway Airport area is well-guarded for safety. It has CCTV cameras installed throughout the terminals/concourses/other areas. 

  • These cameras are functional 24 hours to watch every movement of fliers arriving/departing via MDW Airport. 
  • In addition, to provide better security, different machines for screening are used. 
  • Using the same, screening procedures are done in a systematic manner. 

What are the Security Measures at Midway Airport? 

For the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA), the security and safety of fliers traveling via MDW Airport are of utmost importance. For the same, it closely follows the advice of federal and public health partners at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH). 

  • At Midway Airport, the addition of 50 hand sanitizers is observed for health safety. 
  • A high level of cleanliness is maintained within the premises. 
  • Information about current CDPH and CDC protective action guidelines is posted on airport signs and circulated through social media. 
  • Airport Information kiosks offer insights regarding COVID-19 public health preparedness. 

How Safe is Midway Airport (MDW)? 

Usually, Midway International Airport is a safe area to fly from or arrive at. It enables airlines to offer risk-free travel to a number of nations, including the United States, Mexico, Jamaica, and more. 

  • When running flights from or to this airport, airlines successfully manage and avoid dangers. 
  • The airport’s top-notch policies, well-maintained layout, etc., play an important role as well. 

How Safe are Midway Airport’s Facilities? 

The facilities provided at Midway International Airport places are usually safe and focused on meeting the needs of travelers. Those who are disabled can request wheelchair facilities and others when at the airfield. 

  • Further, fliers with the need for oxygen cylinders can request the officials at the airport terminal counters.
  • Before departing or after landing, the airport staff provide instructions on how to use the facilities. 
  • Also, freshly and hygienically prepared meals are served at the airport restaurants. 

What are the Midway Airport Safety Records? 

As per the safety records, MDW or Midway International Airport in Chicago, Illinois has a minimal incident history. This makes it one of the safest buildings in the US. In this regard, since 2005, there have been no concerning incidents/accidents/mishaps reported. Also, most of the time, this record demonstrates airlines’ risk-free landings and departures to/from MDW.

Is Midway Airport Safe at Night?

Generally, Midway Airport is safe at night. This is because of its 24/7 functional CCTV cameras and security systems. Also, the police department patrols here every hour at night. Whether it is the terminal area or parking lots, every location within or attached to the premises is kept under observation, making it safe for every flyer traveling at night. 

In a Nutshell,

Midway Airport is considered safe on the ground. It possesses a secure record for more than 15 years. Here, the authorities abide by all the regulations of the health department. Also, the airfield has the necessary tools and experienced staff to handle all the emergencies immediately in no time.

Is Midway Airport safe in terms of major incidents?

Yes, MDW Airport is safe in terms of major incidents because since 2005 there have been no concerns/cases reported.

Are safety measures taken at MDW Airport for safety?

All necessary safety measures are taken at MDW Airport by following the Federal and Public Health partners.

Does Midway Airport have medical facilities?

Yes, MDW Airport has medical facilities for fliers. It includes first aid kits, wheelchair accessibility, oxygen cylinders, etc.

How many major incidents are reported at MDW Airport?

More than 20 major incidents were reported at MDW Airport from 1936 to 2005.

Are the TSA wait times at Midway Airport safe?

Yes, TSA wait times at Midway Airport (MDW) are basically safe, with measures in place to ensure secure passenger screening.

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