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What are the Major Airports in Maine, US?

Major Airports in Maine, US According to 2024

Maine, a state in the United States, has multiple major airports to serve the travel requirements of fliers. Some of the major airports in Maine are notable due to their size and elevation. Further, in terms of facilities given prior to departures and after arrivals, the other airfields like BGR, RKD, etc., are important. In addition, frequent aircraft operations, number of airlines, and other reasons make these significant in the US state.

Major Airports in Maine, United States of America

In Maine, United States, 6 major airports are available. These airports are considered important because of their regular operations, facilities, and other aspects. 

Bangor International Airport or BGR

BGR or Bangor International Airport is located in Maine, United States. It is one of the main airports in Maine due to its success that can be attributed to the flight routes it covers. These routes connect Europe with the US East Coast. 

BGR Airport Address 287 Godfrey Blvd, Bangor, ME 04401, United States
Operated by The City of Bangor 
Size 2079 acres or 841 HA
Serves Bangor, Maine, Northern Maine 
Elevation 59 m or 192 ft.
Contact Number 207-992-4600
Coordinates 44°48’26” N068°49’41” W
Airport Type Public 

BGR Airport Map

Bangor International or BGR Airport can be located and easily reached through its map. 

RKD or Knox County Regional Airport 

Owing to aircraft operations, Knox County Regional Airport/RKD is among the crucial buildings in Maine. Also, it has enabled carriers to reliably carry out their flights since 1980. 

RKD Airport Address 19 Airport Rd, Owls Head, ME 04854, USA
ServesRockland, Maine 
Phone Number +1-207-594-4131
Coordinates069°05’57” W44°03’36” N
Airport Type Public 
Elevation56 ft. or 17 m 
Size of the Airport 218 HA or 538 acres
OwnerKnox County

RKD Airport Map 

With this map, one can locate the RKD/Knox County Regional Airport. 

PQI or Presque Isle International Airport

In terms of the size of the land, Presque Isle International Airport or PQI is among the major/largest airports in Maine. Within its structure, it has 2 runways for hassle-free movement of aircraft. 

PQI Airport Address650 Airport Dr, Presque Isle, Maine 04769, USA
Telephone Number +1 207-764-2550
Owner City of Presque Isle
Airport Size 603 HA or 1489 acres
Region ServedPressure Isle, Maine 
Type of Airport Public 
Elevation 534 ft. or 163 m 
Official website
Coordinates 46°41’20” N068°02’41” W

PQI Airport Map

The map of PQI/Presque Isle International Airport indicates its exact location. 

Portland International Jetport/PWM 

In Maine, United States, PWM or Portland International Jetport is considered an important building. It is because this airfield serves over 1.6 million fliers annually, making it to the list of the fastest-growing airports in the country. Also, it serves the majority of the main domestic air carriers. 

PWM official Website
Airport Type Public 
Operated by The City of Portland 
Size of the airfield 726 acres or 293 HA
Location Portland, Maine, US
Telephone Number 207-874-8877
Airport Address 1001 Westbrook St, Portland, ME 04102, United States of America
Open Since 1931
Elevation 23 m or 76 ft.
Coordinates 43°38’46” N 070°18’33” W
Location ServedThe State of Maine 

PWM Airport Map

To reach PWM or Portland International Jetport on time, its map is useful. 

Hancock County–Bar Harbor Airport or BHB

Considering its operations and facilities, Hancock County–Bar Harbor Airport or BHB is regarded among the major airports in Maine, USA. To manage/regulate the same, it has a spacious structure as well. 

BHB official website
Size of the airfield 468 acres or 189 HA
ServesHancock County
Airport Type Public 
OwnerHancock County, Maine
Phone Number 207-667-7329
LocationTrenton, Maine 
Airport Address 115 Caruso Dr, Trenton, ME 04605, United States
Elevation25 m or 83 ft.
Coordinates068°21’42” W44°26’59” N 

BHB Airport Map

It is simple to find/locate Hancock County–Bar Harbor Airport/BHB with the help of a map. 

AUG or Augusta State Airport 

At Augusta State Airport/AUG, fliers can receive on-time services. It is the main airport in Maine that enables the commercial airline, Cape Air, to execute its flight operations.

AUG Airport Address 75 Airport Rd, Augusta, ME 04330, United States of America
Official website
Owner State of Maine 
Telephone Number 207-626-2306
Region Served Augusta, Maine 
Size of the airfield406 acres or 164 HA
Coordinates 44°19’14” N069°47’50” W
Airport Type Public 
Elevation 107 m or 352 ft.

AUG Airport Map 

The map will help fliers to get to AUG or Augusta State Airport from their respective location. 

Maine in the United States has 6 major airports. On a frequent basis, these airfields serve different airlines. AUG, BHB, and other airports are considered major as they ensure seamless flight operations and positive experiences for fliers. Besides, some of these airfields are the oldest, thereby, being more reliable.

Which is the largest airport in Maine?

Portland International Jetport (PDX) is considered the largest airport in Maine, United States.

Is Bangor International Airport the biggest in Maine?

As of now, Bangor International Airport is the second biggest building in Maine.

How many main airports are in Maine, US?

In Maine, US, 6 main airports are based.

What are the major airports in Maine, USA?

Augusta State Airport and Hancock County–Bar Harbor Airport are 2 major airfields in Maine, USA.

Why is Knox County Regional Airport major in Maine?

Knox County Regional Airport is a major building in Maine because of its reliability. Since 1980, no concerning incidents have been documented.

Which is the major airport in Maine in terms of size?

By size, Bangor International Airport or BGR is the major airfield in this US state. It is spread over 2079 acres/841 HA of land.

Why is Augusta State Airport major in Maine?

The authorities at Augusta State Airport (AUG) timely regulate the services and facilities available here. Hence, it is significant in Maine.

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