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What is an Airport Gate Pass and How to Get it? 

How to Get a Gate Pass at the Airport

To drop minors, elderly, or disabled fliers at the airport, it is necessary to have a gate pass. It is a document that grants non-ticket holders access to the airport gates. These passes are available at no charge for a certain time period. To obtain the gate pass at the airport, it is important to contact the specific air carrier’s representatives. Also, while applying for this, one needs to provide some documents, including one’s ID proof, traveling passenger’s tickets, and more. 

How to Get a Gate Pass at the Airport?

To get a gate pass at the airport, one is required to come to the ticket counter with an accompanying flier. 

  • Here, an agent can ask for certain information. Provide the same.
  • Further, a valid reason, ID proofs, and other necessary documentation have to be given. 
  • Provided that all requirements are met, an agent will provide an airport gate pass. 

Note: Each airline and airport has a different procedure for giving a gate pass. 

Can you Get a Gate Pass During a High Alert at the Airport? 

During a high alert, the airport gives gate passes to people based on the particular situation. This is because it usually increases security during this time and access to some sections may be more limited. Therefore, prior to applying for a pass, know in advance the situation and the availability of the same. 

Requirements to Receive a Gate Pass at the Airport 

To receive a gate pass at the airport, one common requirement is to provide a valid government-issued picture ID at the ticket counter. However, it can change based on the specific airline and airport. 

Other requirements for receiving a gate pass are as follows: 

  • A person is required to give a genuine reason for needing a gate permit.
  • The passenger’s boarding pass or itinerary will be needed. 
  • To receive an airport gate pass, the security screening procedure must be completed. 

To Wrap Up, 

An airport will issue gate passes for visitors who need to drop their minors, disabled members, or elderly ones for air trips. These passes can be availed at no cost. However, before availing it for free, ensure that the documents for a gate pass are in place and approved.

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