Arriving passengers can claim their checked-in luggage at baggage claim areas of DEN. At Denver Airport, baggage claim areas are located all over The Jeppesen Terminal. Over 66 spots for these services can be found here for domestic and international fliers. These locations are near the check-in area, baggage claim area, and at the transit center. Additionally, a few airlines offer their baggage services at this complex. Apart from these, other facilities including SmarteCartes, repacking, and oversized bag drops can be availed by fliers here.

Denver Airport Baggage Claim Information
baggage claims at Denver airport

Baggage Services at The Jeppesen Terminal, Denver International Airport

Across Levels 1, 5, and 6 of DIA or Denver International Airport, baggage services are available.

Near the Check-in Area, Level 6

Service TypeLocation
United Ski and Oversized Bag DropOutside Security
Repack AreaOutside Security
Self-Tag Baggage DropNear Check-In 
United Baggage DropOutside Security
United Bag Drop ShortcutNear Check-In Zone 7 
United Curbside Bag Drop ShortcutClose to the Curbside
Luggage cart center (SmarteCartes)Near Check-In 

Near Baggage Claim Area, Level 5

Facility TypeLocation
10 luggage cart centers (SmarteCartes)Near Baggage, curbside
Frontier Baggage ServiceBaggage Claim area
Baggage claims 1 to 7, 14 to 19Close to the Baggage Claim area
5 oversized baggage claimBaggage Claim area
Southwest Baggage ServiceNear the Baggage Claim area
United Baggage ServiceBaggage Claim area
Int’l Baggage Re-CheckNear Arrivals
United curbside bag drop shortcut Near Curbside
Int’l Oversized Baggage ClaimNear Arrivals
Int’l Baggage Claims 1, 2, 3Close to the Arrivals area
American Airlines Baggage ServiceNear Baggage Claim

Near Transit Center, Level 1

Service TypeLocation
Luggage cart centers (SmarteCartes)Near Transit Center
Bag check service (Bags, Inc.)Close to the Transit Center

Numerous centers for baggage claim at Denver Airport can be located, mainly at different levels. These centers offer regular services to fliers. Additionally, picking/moving the luggage has also become fairly easy through these services.

At what level at Denver Airport is the baggage claim area?

The baggage claim area is located on Level 5 of the Denver International Airport.

Where is the Southwest baggage claim center at Denver Airport?

The Southwest baggage claim area is located on Level 5 of DIA.

How to complain at Denver Airport about lost baggage?

By dialing the number 303-342-4062, one can complain about the lost baggage at the airport in CO.

What side is Delta baggage claim at Denver Airport?

Delta baggage claim is located on the west side of DIA, CO.

Does the airport in Denver have baggage storage?

Yes, an Airport Baggage Center is located at Denver Airport. However, it is closed permanently.

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