Denver International Airport or DEN, CO, features 2 parking services. These are on-site airport and off-site airport parking. Also known as DIA, at this airport, on-site parking is available at different areas of The Jeppesen Terminal. Here, there are 9 types of Denver Airport parking options to satisfy the needs of domestic as well as international fliers. All parking lots have varying cost structures that can be determined based on some factors. They consist of the type of lot, duration, and others. Besides these, at 7 different locations, off-site airport parking is accessible, at different charges, through several providers. 

Guide on Parking at DEN Airport
Denver International Airport (DEN) Parking Information

Types of Parking at Denver International Airport

At Denver International Airport, there are 9 parking lots available, spread across The Jeppesen Terminal. They are functional 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

  1. Premium Reserve Parking at Denver Airport
Location On Arrivals Level 4, next to The Jeppesen on both the East and West sides 
Vehicle Clearance 8 feet 
Mode of Payment Accepted Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AmEx
Phone Number (303)-342-4083
  1. East Economy Parking at DEN Airport
Location On the East side of The Jeppesen Terminal, immediately past the Garage East Parking 
Telephone Number (303)-342-7275
Payment Mode AmEx, Cash, Visa, Discover, and Masters 
  1. Denver International Airport West Garage Parking
Location of West Garage ParkingOn the West side, next to The Jeppesen Terminal 
Contact Number (303)-342-7275
Parking Type Covered and Uncovered 
Location for EV charging stationsAt Level 1, Rows F, E, and R
Number of EV charging stations11
Payment Modes MasterCard, Discover, Cash, Visa, and AmEx
Vehicle Clearance 8 feet 
  1. East Garage Parking at DEN Airport
Location Towards the East, next to The Jeppesen Terminal 
Phone Number(303)-342-7275
Type of Parking Covered and Uncovered 
Number of EV charging stations11
Location for EV charging stationsAt Level 1, Rows F, E, and R
Vehicle Clearance 8 feet 
Payment Modes MasterCard, Discover, Cash, Visa, and AmEx
  1. DEN or Denver Airport West Economy Parking
LocationAt The Jeppesen Terminal, West side, immediately past the Garage West Parking 
Contact Number(303)-342-7275
Payment Mode AmEx, Cash, Visa, Discover, and Masters 
  1. Short-Term East Parking at DIA/Denver International Airport
Location In the Garage East, on Arrival Level (Level 4) at The Jeppesen Terminal 
Mode of Payment Accepted Discover, MasterCard, Cash, AmEx, and Discover 
Parking Type Covered 
Phone Number (303)-342-7275
  1. Short-Term West Parking at DIA Airport
LocationAt The Jeppesen Terminal, in the Garage West, on the Arrival Level 
Payment MethodDiscover, MasterCard, Cash, and AmEx
Parking Type Covered 
Telephone Number(303)-342-7275
  1. Pikes Peak Parking Lot at DEN Airport
LocationLevel 5, Door #513, Island 3
Parking Slots12000
Methods of PaymentCash, AmEx, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa 
  1. Denver International Airport 61st and Pena Parking Lot
Location The Colorado University of RTD A Line 
Payment Methods Visa, Discover, and MasterCard
Managed byThe City and County of Denver (Denver International Airport) 
Parking Spaces 800
Electric Vehicle LocationOn the West and South sides of the parking lot
Number of EV Charging Spots 11

DEN Airport Off-Site Airport Shuttle Parking 

Service Provider Location 
The Parking Spot 19901 E 56th Ave., Aurora, CO 80019
Canopy Airport Parking 8100 Tower Road,Commerce City, CO 80022
Wally Park 24200 E 78th Ave., Denver, CO 80249
US Airport Parking 18000 East 81st Avenue Commerce City, CO 80022
ParkDIA25200 E 68th Ave., Aurora,CO 80019
Fine Airport Parking 5950 N Jackson Gap Way, Aurora,CO 80019
Park2Jet18121 E 81st Ave., Denver, CO 80022

Cost of Parking at Denver Airport (DEN), Colorado

Type of Parking Cost for 1 Hour (In USD) Rates for 24 Hours (In USD) 
West Garage 730
Premium Reserve 5050
East Garage 730
East Economy 618
West Economy 618
Pikes Peak Lot88
Longs Peak Lot 88
Short Term East 7168
Short Term West 7168
61st and Pena57

How to Book Denver Airport Parking Lots? 

For on-site DEN Airport parking reservations, fliers can visit the officials. Alternatively, this facility can be scheduled using the phone number of the specific lot. 

Contact Information of DEN Airport Parking

Phone Number (For general information and space availability (303)-342-7275
Contact Number (For compliments and concerns)(303)-342-4083)
Telephone Number (Accessible Parking Locations)(303)-342-4645
Phone Number (To extend parking after 30 days)(303)-342-4650
Email ID (For general queries)

9 parking lots at Denver Airport or DEN are spread out across The Jeppesen Terminal. These include West Garage Parking, East Economy Parking, etc. Aside from these, off-site lots are available too. For cars, bikes, etc., reservations can be conveniently made to halt them for varied hours.

How can I find out the availability of Denver International Airport parking lots?

One can visit the official website of DEN Airport to check the availability of parking lots. Or else, fliers can call (303)-342-7275 to know the same.

Where to find accessible parking at Denver Airport?

All airport parking lots offer accessible parking with the exception of Level 3 of the garage. 

Does DEN Airport impose extra fees/taxes for parking?

Denver International Airport does not impose any taxes or other fees on the parking rates that have already been announced or decided. 

What is the vehicle clearance in the Denver Airport parking garage?

The parking garage at DEN International Airport has a maximum vehicle clearance of 8 feet.

Are the parking lots safe at Denver International Airport?

Yes, parking lots at DIA Airport are well-lit, staffed with attendants, and regularly patrolled by the Denver Police Department. 

Which is the cheapest parking lot at Denver International Airport?

Usually, one of the cheapest parking lots at Denver International Airport is 61st and Pena. For the same, USD 5 is charged for 1 hour. 

Is oversized vehicle parking available at Denver Airport?

Currently, oversized vehicle parking is unavailable at Denver International Airport.

What are the maximum Denver International Airport parking rates?

Generally, at DEN Airport, the maximum parking rate is USD 168 (24 hours) for Short-Term East Parking and Short-Term West Parking.

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