The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport enables the systematic departure of all its flights, be they domestic or international. The airport has 5 terminals. Each of these has different gates that facilitate DFW departures. All of these gates permit fliers to complete the pre-departure proceedings like check-in and security checks. Additionally, the departure terminals extend extra facilities like shopping, dining, and relaxation services. Parking options are made available near the departure levels. All the passengers taking off from this airport can utilize these services for a specific duration by paying a fee. 

DFW Airport Departures Details

DFW Departures Terminals and Gates

At DFW Airport, departures take place from 5 terminals. However, there are varying terminals for domestic and international take-offs: 

TerminalGatesNature of Departure
A26 Domestic 
B45 Domestic 
C29 Domestic 
41 Domestic 

Dallas Airport Departures Levels 

Each terminal hosts the Dallas DFW Airport departures at Level 1. All the pre-departure proceedings also take place at this level. 

DFW Flight Departures from Terminal A 

DFW Terminal A is exclusively used for American Airlines departures. To contact this carrier for any flight-related queries, passengers can use the phone number +1-800-433-7300. 

Dallas Fort Worth Airport Departures from Terminal B 

No other carrier except for American Airlines undertakes its flight departures from DFW Terminal B

Terminal C Departures at DFW Airport 

Similar to Terminals A and B, only American Airlines flights take off from Terminal C of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Gates C2-C39 facilitate such departures.

Dallas Fort Worth Departures from Terminal D 

The International Terminal D at Dallas Airport undertakes the operations of quite a few long-haul flights. Each airline has a designated gate at this terminal to facilitate DFW departures: 

  • Aeromexico 
  • Air France 
  • Avianca 
  • British Airways 
  • Emirates 
  • Japan Airlines 
  • Korean Air 
  • Lufthansa 
  • Qatar Airways 
  • Volaris 
  • Qantas 
  • Sun Country Airlines 
  • VivaAerobus 

Departures at Dallas Airport from Terminal E 

At the Airport in Dallas, departures from Terminal E mainly cater to domestic fliers. The airlines here offer connecting flights as well. 

AirlineGate Assigned 
Air Canada E2 
Alaska Airlines E11
Delta E12-E17 
Frontier Airlines E20 
JetBlue E10 
Spirit Airlines E31-33, E18 
United Airlines E4-E9 

DFW Airport Departures Proceedings at Terminals 

Before heading for departures at Dallas Airport, one should undertake certain boarding processes at least an hour before the scheduled time.

  • Check-in
  • Baggage deposit
  • TSA checks 
  • Passport verification

At the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, DFW departures are completed timely with a smooth set of proceedings. Through several terminals, flights can take off. Given that the terminals are varied, the necessary procedures prior to departing can be managed at the airport within the usual durations.

What are luggage restrictions at DFW Airport for departures?

Generally, the weight restrictions limit carrying more than 32 kg as checked baggage.

What time should I get to DFW Airport before departure?

One should arrive 2 hours before the DFW flight departs.

Does DFW have specific check-in requirements for international departures?

International passengers should submit their passports during check-in at DFW Airport.

Does DFW Airport allow pets on board?

Based on the particular carrier’s terms, pets are allowed on board at DFW Airport.

Are COVID-19 guidelines applied at DFW for departures?

Currently, the Dallas Airport has no COVID-19-related guidelines.

Which parking options are available at DFW for departing passengers?

Dallas Airport has Terminal, Express, Remote, Valet, and Cell Phone Lot parking options.

Are there shopping or dining options near DFW departure gates?

Yes, DFW has a variety of dining/shopping stores with a variety of cuisines and products.

Does DFW Airport allow using electronic devices while flying?

It is advisable not to use electronic devices during take-off from DFW Airport.

Are there specific boarding procedures at Dallas Airport?

Yes, one should complete the specific check-in and TSA PreCheck processes at DFW.

How to track the departing flight status at DFW Airport?

The “Flights” section on the DFW Airport website enables one to track departing flights.

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