Travelers at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport can visit lounges while they are waiting for their non-stop/connecting flights. They are available at Terminals A, B, C, D, and E. Also, the E-Satellite Building offers a lounge. Dallas Airport lounges are spread out at the levels and gates of the terminals/buildings. A handful of these are operated by certain airlines and are mostly available to their fliers. Further, a few of them are managed by the airport authorities. Regardless of the same, one can receive most facilities, ranging from food to relaxation areas here. 

List of DFW Airport Lounges at Terminals

Dallas Fort Worth Airport Terminal A Lounges

At DFW Airport Terminal A, only the American Admirals Club Lounge is available. The location of the same is near Gate A24, after the security area, at Level 1. 

Functional Hours 05:00 A.M. to 10:15 P.M. 
Business Days Monday to Sunday 
Facilities at American Admirals Club Complete service bar, Free Wi-Fi, Children room, Free prepackaged snacks 

DFW Airport Terminal B Lounges

2 lounges are available at DFW Airport Terminal B. They are located at Level 1 of this complex. 

LoungeLocation Business HoursFacilities
American Admirals Club Near Gate B3, after the security area05:30 A.M. to 10:15 P.M. Free Wi-Fi, Service bar, Pre-packaged snacks
USO Lounge Close to Gate B46, post-security areaRelaxing space, Food 

Dallas Airport Terminal C Lounge

DFW Airport Terminal C has the American Admirals Club Lounge. It is situated close to Gate C20, after the security area, at Level 1. 

Active Hours 04:00 A.M. to 10:15 P.M. 
Functional Days Monday-Sunday
Amenities Complimentary Wi-Fi, Children’s room, Snacks, Bar 

DFW Airport Terminal D Lounges

At Terminal D of DFW Airport, a flier can explore both airline-specific and general lounges. Here, around 10 lounges are accessible at Level 1. 

Centurion Lounge Near Gate D12, after the security areaFood, Drinks, Wi-Fi
Qatar Airways Lounge Close to Gate D24, post-security area Dining, Quiet room, Wi-Fi, Comfortable seats
American Admirals Club 05:00 A.M. to 10:15 P.M. Near Gate D24Free Wi-Fi,SnacksBar,Kids’ place 
Korean Air Lounge 07:30 A.M. to 11:30 P.M.Close to Gate D22Snacks,Beverages,Wi-Fi,TV,Shower,Alcohol
Lufthansa Lounge 06:00 A.M. to 09:00 P.M.Near Gate D22Working area, Wi-Fi,Shower,Airside,Locker
Air France LoungeClose to Gate D22
Emirates Lounge Near Gate D22
American Flagship Lounge 05:00 A.M. to 10:15 P.M. Close to Gate D21
Club DFWNear Gate D27Bar,Shower,Snacks,TV
Capital One Lounge 06:00 A.M. to 09:00 P.M. Close to Gate D22Relaxing place 

Lounges at Dallas Fort Worth Airport Terminal E

At Level 1 of Terminal E, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, 3 lounges are available.

LoungeLocationFacilitiesBusiness Hours
Plaza Premium Lounge Near Gate E31Free Wi-Fi, TV, Cocktails, Wine, Liquors, Beers 
Delta Sky Club Close to Gate E10 and E11Wi-Fi, Snacks, Drinks04:15 A.M. to 06:30 P.M.
United Club Near Gate E6Free bar, Light snacks, Drinks, Wi-Fi04:15 A.M. to 07:15 P.M. 

Lounges at DFW Airport E Satellite Building 

The American Admirals Club Lounge is located near Gate E22, at Level 1 of the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport E Satellite Building. 

Operating Hours 05:30 A.M. to 10:15 P.M. 
Functional Days Monday to Sunday 
Amenities Free Wi-Fi, Bar,Food 

Dallas Fort Worth Airport lounges are a great place for relaxing/unwinding while waiting for flights. Every terminal along with the E-satellite building offers this service. Some of them are run by airlines to offer exclusive facilities. In other lounges, essential facilities can be availed, from food to Wi-Fi.

Can I use the lounge at DFW Airport if I am not a member?

Yes, common lounges at DFW Airport can be used by every flyer.

Does DFW allow children in the lounge?

DFW Airport allows children in certain lounges such as the American Admiral Club Lounge.

Does DFW have a dress code for the lounge?

Usually, there is no dress code to visit the DFW Airport lounges.

How to upgrade to a premium lounge at DFW Airport?

Based on the lounge, connect with the authorities to upgrade to premium experiences.

Does DFW Airport have shower services in the lounge?

In the DFW Club Lounge, one can receive shower facilities.

Does Dallas Airport allow fliers to bring guests into the lounge?

Generally, fliers at DFW Airport are not allowed to bring guests into the lounge.

Does Dallas Fort Worth International Airport allow pets in the lounge?

Pets are not allowed in certain lounges at this airport.

Is there a limit to how long one can stay in the DFW lounge?

Fliers are allowed to stay in the lounges at DFW as per standard business hours.

Are there rules/restrictions for fliers in the DFW lounge?

Based on the particular lounge, certain rules/restrictions can apply.

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