DFW or Dallas Fort Worth International Airport provides parking facilities at Terminals A to E. Dallas Airport parking facilitates both domestic and international travelers’ requirements. Considering the requirements, some of the options include Terminal Parking, Express Parking, and Remote Parking. These lots are secure and travelers can halt their vehicles before heading off for their excursions. To utilize the same, varying charges apply. These can differ according to the parking type, time of the day, and other factors.  

Parking Information at DFW Airport
Details on DFW Airport Parking at Terminals

Terminal Parking at Dallas Fort Worth Airport 

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport has Terminal Parking in all its complexes. It is close to each terminal. 

  • In Garages A, E, and D, parking guidance systems are available. 
  • Levels 1 and 3 have ADA parking accessible for direct terminal access. 
  • The maximum duration of parking is 90 days. 
  • After this period, all parked vehicles will be hauled off the airport. 

Fees for Terminal Parking: 

Duration of ParkingCost (in USD)
0 to 8 minutes 6
8 to 30 minutes 2
30 minutes to 2 hours 3
2 to 4 hours 9
4 to 6 hours 10
6 hours to 1 day 27

Express Parking at Dallas Airport

Dallas Fort Worth Airport Express Parking is well situated close to North and South entrances as well as exits. 

  • Here, covered parking is available for Express North only. 
  • Uncovered parking is accessible at the Express Parking Lot. 
  • At this parking lot, pre-reservation is accepted. 

Cost for Express Parking Lot: 

Parking DurationRate (In $)
0 minutes to 2 hours2
2 to 4 hours 3
4 to 6 hours 4
6 to 24 hours 15
Covered 18

DFW Airport Remote Parking

Remote Parking in Dallas Airport is available at both North and South. Here, buses to the airport terminals are functional all day non-stop. 

Cost for Remote Parking: 

Parking TimePrice (In USD)
0 to 2 hours1
2 to 4 hours 2
4 to 6 hours 3
6 hours to 1 day 12

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Valet Parking

For a flier’s flexibility and convenience, the Dallas Airport Valet Parking option is accessible. 

  • Every terminal has a pickup and drop facility for this parking type. 
  • Arrival Level 1 of Terminals A to E, except for D, has pick up/drop off at:
    • A20
    • A15
    • B9
    • A29
    • C7
    • B30
    • C21
    • E7
  • Further, this service is available at D30 and D18 on the Departure Level, Terminal D. 
  • Free charging is available for electric vehicles as well. 
  • The daily cost of this parking lot is around USD 40. 
  • For bookings, one can call +1-972-574-2407. 

Cell Phone Lot Parking at DFW Airport 

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport consists of 2 cell phone parking lots for fliers’ use. They are inclusive of North and South lots. 

Parking Lot TypeSpotsLocation 
North Cell Phone Lot Parking 53Northernmost point, right before the North Toll Plaza
South Cell Phone Lot Parking 60Southern Point, close to the intersection of Southgate and Rental Car Drive

DFW Airport has several parking spots in its terminals and buildings which makes it simpler for fliers to park vehicles. These parking lots are suitable for all kinds of vehicles, based on availability and conditions. Further, these can be parked for a minimum of 8 minutes to 1 day.

What are the parking costs at DFW Airport?

The minimum parking cost at this airport is $1 while the maximum fee can go up to $27.

Does DFW Airport have parking for oversized vehicles?

Yes, oversized vehicles can fit in designated spots with yellow wide lane signs at DFW Parking.

Are there discounts/promotions for parking at Dallas Airport?

On pre-reservation, one can get discount/promotional codes for all kinds of parking.

Does Dallas Airport allow reserving parking in advance?

Yes, DFW Airport allows fliers to pre-reserve a spot for parking.

During which hours is the DFW Airport parking facility open?

Usually, parking lots here are functional all day long for fliers’ convenience.

Does DFW Airport have electric vehicle charging stations in parking lots?

At the DFW Airport Valet Parking lot, there are electric vehicle charging station facilities.

Does Dallas Airport have shuttle services from parking lots to terminals?

At DFW Airport Remote Parking, there are nonstop bus services to the terminals.

Can I bring pets in the Dallas Airport parking areas?

At DFW Airport parking space, pets are allowed, subject to certain terms and conditions.

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