Terminal B of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport or DFW is among the busiest in terms of passenger traffic. Situated in Texas, United States, DFW Airport Terminal B manages major operations of American Airlines. It features 45 gates and 3 levels for the management of its arrivals and departures. Along with managing these, it supports the activities that occur before departure and after arrival. They are inclusive of flight check-in, security, customs, and baggage. Further, different facilities can be availed, such as ground transportation, parking, and lounges. 

DFW Airport Terminal B Guide

Levels at DFW Airport Terminal B 

DFW International Airport Terminal B features 3 levels. They are Levels 1, 2, and 3, functional for the following purposes: 

  • At Level 1, check-in facilities are available. 
  • Flight departures are observed at Level 1. 
  • SkyLink facilities take place at Level 2 of this terminal. 
  • Level 0 is regarded as the bottom/lower level. 

Gates Available at DFW International Airport Terminal B

There are 45 gates at Terminal B of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Of these, 10 are present in the satellite building while the remaining games are structured at the main terminal. 

  • Gates B12a and B12b
  • Gates B1 to B11
  • Gates B14 to 17 
  • Gate B19
  • Gates B21 and B22
  • Gates B24 to B44
  • Gates B46 to B49 

Airlines Flying to/from DFW International Airport Terminal B

American Airlines is the main carrier that operates its flights via DFW Airport Terminal B. Here, it manages both domestic and international flights as well as respective procedures. 

The layout of DFW Airport Terminal B is designed to accommodate essential travel facilities. As a result, this complex handles numerous travelers requiring these services per day. Besides, it oversees vital flight operations occurring domestically and internationally. To extend its services, terminal transfers are supported as well.

Which facilities are available at DFW Airport Terminal B?

Luggage carts, ATMs, and restrooms are some facilities at DFW Airport Terminal B.

How to go from Terminal B of DFW to downtown Dallas?

Check the DFW map on its website to find the route from Terminal B to Downtown Dallas.

Does Dallas Airport Terminal B have any notable restaurants?

Baskin-Robbins and Decanted are the best restaurants available at DFW Airport Terminal B.

Which transportation options are at DFW Terminal B to visit Dallas-Fort Worth?

Rental cars and taxis are accessible from DFW Terminal B to explore Dallas-Fort Worth.

Does DFW Airport Terminal B have charging stations for electronics?

Yes, more than 20 charging stations are installed at this terminal for electronics.

Are there art exhibits or installations to explore in DFW Terminal B?

Currently, Terminal B of Dallas Airport does not have any art exhibits installed.

Does Dallas Airport Terminal B have a particular area for families/children?

Currently, there is no specific area for families/children at Dallas Airport Terminal B.

Does DFW Airport Terminal B have relaxation areas/lounges?

Yes, DFW Airport has 2 lounges at Terminal B.

What time should I come to DFW Terminal B for departing domestic flights?

In general, one should come 60 minutes prior to a domestic flight at Terminal B, DFW.

Is it possible to use Wi-Fi at DFW Terminal B, and if yes, how?

Yes, DFW has Wi-Fi. To use it, turn on the device’s WiFi and select “DFW Airport Complimentary WiFi”.

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