DFW/Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Terminal C is regarded as one of the best-equipped complexes. Located in Texas, United States, it manages various flight operations of American Airlines through its equipped structure. From here, fliers travel to locations like Cincinnati, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, and others. While traveling to these locations from DFW Airport Terminal C, general and TSA PreCheck facilities are required. Including these and others such as restaurants/lounges, fliers can avail the best facilities at this complex. They are accessible via 4 levels and 28 gates of the building. 

DFW Airport Terminal C Guide

Levels at DFW International Airport Terminal C 

DFW International Airport Terminal C has Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4.

  • The bottom or lower level is defined as Level 0. 
  • DFW Flight departures and check-in are observed at Level 2. 
  • Level 3 hosts the Mezzanine facilities. 
  • At Level 4, the Skylink facility is located. 

Gates at Dallas Airport Terminal C 

To easily move in and out of Terminal C of Dallas Fort Worth Airport, there are more than 20 gates.

  • Gate C2
  • Gate C4
  • Gates C6 to C8
  • Gates C10 to C12
  • Gates C14 to C17
  • Gate C19
  • Gate C20
  • Gate C22
  • Gate C24
  • Gates C26 to C31
  • Gate C33
  • Gates C35 to C39 

Airlines Flying to/out of DFW Airport Terminal C 

American Airlines solely uses DFW International Airport Terminal C to conduct its flights. It oversees domestic/international flights via this complex. 

Dallas International Airport Terminal C is a significant complex that controls departures and arrivals. Additionally, it provides basic to luxurious facilities in accordance with the various needs of fliers. Furthermore, it offers inter-terminal transfer, making it easier for travelers to move throughout the airport.

Which airlines fly out of DFW Airport Terminal C?

American Airlines uses DFW Airport Terminal C for its departures.

Does DFW Airport Terminal C have a TSA PreCheck lane?

Yes, near Gate C21, at Level 2 of Terminal C, the TSA PreCheck lane is observed.

Are dining outlets present at DFW Airport Terminal C?

Dining options like Auntie Anne’s and Baskin-Robbins are available at Terminal C.

Does Dallas Airport Terminal C have charging stations?

About 13 charging stations are installed at Terminal C of Dallas Airport.

Is a lounge available for passengers at DFW Airport Terminal C?

Yes, the American Admirals Club Lounge is available to fliers at this terminal.

Are there direct flights to international locations from DFW Terminal C?

Direct flights are available to international locations like Cancun from Terminal C.

What is the distance between the DFW main entrance and Terminal C?

Terminal C and the main entrance of DFW Airport are a few miles apart.

Does Dallas Airport Terminal C have duty-free shops?

Yes, 3Sixty Duty Free and More is one of the duty-free stores at DFW Terminal C.

Can you access ground transportation facilities at DFW Terminal C?

Ground transportation facilities are accessible at Terminal C, DFW Airport.

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