Domestic, as well as international, travelers approach DTW baggage claim terminals to receive their belongings after arrival. These complexes are Edward H. McNamara Terminal and Warren Cleage Evans Terminal. At these terminals, the procedure for bag retrieval is carried out on a daily basis. Here, to collect bags, fliers need to find carousels that are specific to their airline. 

Detroit Airport Baggage Claim Information
DTW Airport Baggage Claim Services

Baggage Services at DTW Airport Edward H. McNamara Terminal 

Type of Service Location 
Baggage ClaimAt Level 1
Oversized/Special BaggageBehind Carousel 3
Luggage cart services At the DTW ground transportation centers and pre-security areas 
Bag deposit countersLevel 3

DTW Airport Baggage Services at Warren Cleage Evans Terminal 

Baggage Service Type Location 
Special/Oversized Luggage Near the elevators in the middle of the baggage claim areas
Baggage deposit Level 2
Luggage carts Pre-security areas in addition to the ground transportation centers
Baggage claim At Level 1

At DTW Airport baggage claim terminals, arriving fliers can approach the carousels to retrieve their belongings. To make luggage collection easier, distinct carousels are functional for domestic and international fliers. Besides, there are digital displays that indicate information regarding airlines’ carousels at the Northwest WorldGateway and North Terminals.

Where is the Frontier baggage claim center at Detroit Metropolitan Airport?

At Level 1 of Warren Cleage Evans Terminal DTW Airport, baggage claim centers of Frontier Airlines are located.

Can I receive oversized luggage assistance at DTW Airport?

Yes, at both terminals of DTW Airport, one can receive assistance regarding oversized luggage. 

What is the DTW baggage claim phone number for JetBlue Airlines?

The baggage claim phone number for JetBlue Airlines at DTW is (800)-538-2583.

Where is the DTW Delta baggage claim center?

At Level 1 of Edward H. McNamara Terminal of Detroit Airport, Michigan, the baggage claim center for Delta Air Lines is located. 

Is there a DTW Delta baggage drop-off facility?

Delta fliers can drop their baggage at Level 3 of Edward H. McNamara Terminal of Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. 

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