Before leaving from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport for international locations, travelers may need to exchange currencies. However, as of now, this airfield does not have currency exchange facilities. Instead of DTW currency exchange services, it has featured ATMs. They are located all across the main terminals. Bank and credit union users/members can use these to receive cash. For the same, they need a valid/authorized bank card. 

Detroit Airport (DTW) Currency Exchange Information
DTW Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange Facilities at DTW Airport 

Currently, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport does not feature currency exchange facilities for travelers. Instead, they can use ATMs at McNamara and Evans Terminals.

DTW Airport ATMs

ATMs at Edward H. McNamara Terminal 

At McNamara or Northwest WorldGateway Terminal, ATMs are installed in the post-security region, between Gates A.

  • A8 and A10
  • A28 and A34
  • A50 and A44
  • A60 and A64
  • B4 and B2
  • A20 and A24
  • A36 and A34
  • A54 and A56
  • A72 and A70
  • B15 and B19

In the pre-security area, an ATM is present within the Parking Garage at Level 6.

ATMs at Warren Cleave Evans Terminal 

The North Terminal or Evans Terminal has ATMs in the post-security area.

  • Date D17
  • Gate D6
  • Gate D26

In the pre-security area, ATMs are available at 2 locations.

  • Domestic luggage claim 
  • Pedestrian Bridge to Ground Transportation/Parking Deck, Level 4

Passengers flying via DTW/Detroit Metropolitan Airport may not find currency exchange facilities here. However, more than 15 ATMs are located throughout the airport for other financial needs. Passengers can transfer between Evans and McNamara Terminals to access all of these.

Does Detroit Airport have currency exchange at McNamara Terminal?

At present, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport does not have currency exchange facilities at Edward H. McNamara Terminal.

Is Chase ATM available at Detroit Airport?

Currently, Chase ATM is unavailable at Detroit Airport.

Are there Bank of America ATMs at Detroit Airport?

Bank of America ATMs are not located at this airport. However, one can find other bank ATMs installed here.

How many ATMs are in the post-security area of Detroit Airport Evans Terminal?

There are 3 ATMs situated at the post-security area of Warren Cleage Evans Terminal, DTW Airport. 

Is the ATM at Detroit Airport chargeable?

Generally, ATMs at DTW Airport are not chargeable.

Does Detroit Airport have currency exchange at Evans Terminal?

Presently, there is no currency exchange service at Detroit Airport Warren Cleage Evans Terminal.

How many ATMs are at Detroit Airport Edward H. McNamara Terminal?

Around 11 ATMs are available at Edward H. McNamara Terminal of Detroit Airport. 

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