At DTW/Detroit Metropolitan Airport, sleep pods are available, mainly for those who are departing. These are provided by Minute Suites. Currently, this provider offers 5 suites with facilities like sleeping pods being available. For using the same, some fees are levied, ranging from USD 55 to USD 420 for different durations. Further, by paying these costs, other facilities can be availed, including showers.

DTW Airport Sleep Pods Information
DTW Airport Sleeping Pods

Detroit Airport Sleeping Pods Location 

Sleep Pod Provider Minute Suites 
Location Near Gate A66, Edward H. McNamara Terminal (Northwest WorldGateway), DTW Airport
Business Hours 24/7
Contact Information Contact Number: 734-442-7016
Email ID: 

Charges for Sleep Pods at Detroit Airport 

Duration of Stay Cost (In USD) 
For 1 hour 55
Every 15 minutes 13.75
For 1 hour (With Shower Service) 85

How to Reserve Detroit Airport Sleeping Pods? 

A flier can reserve sleeping pods by visiting the Edward H. McNamara Terminal of Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. Or, call at 734-442-7016 for reservations. 

Otherwise, travelers can make online bookings for DTW sleep pods via the Minute Suites official website. 

  • Go to the homepage of the Minute Suites website and hit “Book Now”. 
  • Click on “View All Locations”.
  • Choose “Detroit McNamara Terminal Concourse A, Near A66”.
  • Tap on the “Next” button. 
  • Now, fill in the fields for “Email” and “Password”. 
  • Click on the “Next” tab. 
  • Follow the on-screen steps to complete the online payment for Detroit Airport sleep pods. 

Can I Cancel DTW Sleep Pods? 

Travelers can dial the telephone number 734-442-7016 to cancel bookings for DTW Airport sleep pods. In addition, one can come to the airport for in-person cancellations. Alternatively, use the Minute Suites official website to cancel DTW sleeping pod bookings. 

Sleeping pods are available at Detroit Metropolitan Airport for those who have to depart for direct or connecting flights. Minute Suites is the main provider of this service. Further, it can be used/booked at any time at a reasonable cost. For the same, different online/offline methods are available.

For how long can I use sleep pods at Detroit Airport?

Usually, one can sleep at Detroit Metropolitan Airport for 8 hours. To extend this time duration, it is preferable to connect with the provider.

Are there shower services at Detroit Airport sleep pods?

Generally, shower services are provided in some DTW sleeping pods.

Which facilities are available at DTW sleeping pods?

Facilities like 5 suites, workspace, showers, and more are available at sleeping pods of Minute Suites at DTW Airport.

What are the alternatives to Detroit Airport sleeping pods?

Fliers can reserve hotels close to DTW Airport as alternatives to sleep pods. Or, they can sleep in the sitting areas.

Can I use lounges as an alternative to Detroit Airport sleep pods?

Embers Lounge is a common service that can be used as an alternative to sleep pods at DTW Airport Edward H. McNamara Terminal.

How much are Detroit Airport sleeping pods for 8 hours?

USD 380 can be charged to relax at DTW Airport sleep pods for 8 hours. This cost excludes showers/other services.

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