At Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, all transportation needs of fliers and visitors are fulfilled by the number of modes available. DTW transportation modes comprise ride-share, car rentals, ground transportation, and others. In case a passenger is commuting to/from the airport and nearby places, private vehicles are preferable options. One can decide the preferred mode based on one’s budget, travel needs, etc., and explore the places nearby.

DTW Airport Transportation Guide

Ground Transportation at Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Travelers and guests alike can have different ground transportation options to travel to or from DTW Airport.

  • Shuttle services (terminal-to-terminal)
  • Buses
  • Motor coaches (prearranged)
  • Luxury sedans
  • Taxis
  • Cabs

Public Transportation at DTW Airport

As part of Detroit Airport’s public transportation options, fliers can have easy access to bus services. Based on the availability, ride fares, and other factors, one can decide between the choices available.

Detroit Air Xpress or DAX

Through Detroit Air Xpress or DAX, travelers can go to/from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. They can explore the entire Downtown Detroit.

  • This service begins at 3:30 A.M. and the last bus is available at 11:00 P.M.
  • It is available 24/7 including weekends and holidays.
  • The pick-up and drop-off points of DAX are:
    • Warren Cleage Evans Terminal or Northwest WorldGateway (Ground Transportation Center) 
    • Northwest WorldGateway or Edward H. McNamara Terminal (Departure Level)
  • An advance booking on DAX will cost USD 6.
  • Last-minute booked rides will cost USD 8.


At DTW, SMART is one of the most affordable and easily accessible public transportation options. With multiple route numbers, people can differentiate and pick as per their requirements.

  • The services of SMART are available from/to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.
  • Route number 125 is available between Fort Street-Eureka Road and the McNamara and Evans Terminals.
  • To travel between the DTW Evans Terminal and Middle Belt South, route number 280 is available.
  • In case faster services are needed, one can opt for FAST by SMART.
  • Note that FAST has limited stoppages.
  • To know the fares and schedule, connect with SMART directly.

The Ann Arbor Services

At DTW Airport, the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority is offering easily accessible public transport. It is available for travel between Ann Arbor and DTW Airport.

  • The services offered by Ann Arbor are called AirRide.
  • One can pick it up when traveling between Ann Arbor and Detroit Airport.
  • It is accessible at the McNamara Terminal as well as the Evans Terminal.

Rental Cars for Transportation to/from DTW Airport

When fliers want to fly to/from the airport in their comfort, they can opt for rental cars at DTW Airport. Numerous prestigious car rental companies are functional here, offering the best services.

Private Transportation to Reach DTW Airport

While traveling from a nearby place, one can get to DTW Airport by driving one’s own vehicle. One can access parking at Detroit Airport to halt a 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler vehicle.

At Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, passengers can have different public, ground, and private transportation options. The terminal-to-terminal shuttle is also available to make the transition within the airport smooth. Besides, passengers can bring their own vehicles and halt them in the DTW transportation parking lots.

Is ground transportation available at DTW Airport terminals?

Yes, ground transportation is accessible at Evans Terminal and McNamara Terminal of DTW Airport.

Can I use the bus facility to/from Detroit Metropolitan Airport?

SMART offers route numbers 125 and 280 from/to DTW Airport terminals.

What are the options for ground transportation at Detroit Airport?

Ground transportation options at DTW include buses, shuttles (terminal-to-terminal), taxis, luxury sedans, motor coaches, and so on.

How many public transportation options are there at DTW?

Fliers/visitors at Detroit Metropolitan Airport can choose between 3 options for transportation. These are SMART, The Ann Arbor, and Detroit Air Xpress.

Are luxury sedans available at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport?

Yes, luxury sedans are available at DTW Metropolitan Airport to offer comfortable travel experiences before/after the journey, as required.

Are shared cabs available at Detroit Airport?

Yes,  passengers can make the best of the shared taxis/cabs facilities available at DTW.

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