In New York, US, John F. Kennedy International Airport is close to 6 airports. One of the closest airports to JFK is LaGuardia Airport/LGA. There are additional airports near JFK, including HPN, TTN, and ISP. The travel time and distance to reach these airfields is within 2 hours and 100 miles, respectively. Several transportation options, including rental cars, taxis, etc., are available to get from these airports to JFK. 

Closest Airport to JFK Airport

Nearest Airports to JFK/John F. Kennedy International Airport

There are several nearest airports to JFK/John F. Kennedy International Airport. All these are within 100 miles or 160.9 km apart from this airfield in New York. 

  1. TEB or Teterboro Airport
Distance between TEB and JFK 28.1 miles or 45.2 km
Transportation from TEB to Kennedy AirportTrains, limos, buses, and taxis
Duration to reach TEB from New York-JFK 1 hour and 15 minutes 
  1. LaGuardia Airport/LGA
Distance between Kennedy Airport and LGA 16.7 km/10.4 miles 
Estimated time to reach LGA from JFK 43 minutes 
Transportation options to visit JFK from LaGuardia AirportRental cars, shared rides, buses, 
  1. HPN or Westchester County Airport
Transit modes to go to JFK from HPNTaxis, limos, and Bee-Line buses
Distance between New York Airport and Westchester County Airport39.3 miles/63.2 km
Estimated Time Consumed to reach HPN from JFK 1 hour and 16 minutes 
  1. Newark Liberty International Airport/EWR
Distance Covered between JFK and EWR53.2 km/33.1 miles 
Duration to reach EWR from New York-JFK1 hour and 7 minutes 
Transportation options to come to JFK from Newark AirportVans, taxis, and rental cars
  1. Long Island MacArthur Airport or ISP
Transit facilities from ISP to John F. Kennedy International AirportPersonal car and taxis 
Distance between New York-JFK and ISP43.3 miles or 69.6 km
Time to visit ISP from JFK 1 hour and 11 minutes 
  1. Trenton-Mercer Airport/TTN
Distance between TTN and JFK128.5 km or 74.9 miles 
Estimated time to reach TTN from Kennedy Airport1 hour and 54 minutes 
Transportation services available from TTN to New York-JFK AirportLimos, taxis, and rental cars

John F. Kennedy International Airport is close to a number of airports. Travelers can rely on various transportation options for the convenience of navigating to/from these airfields. As these airports are situated less than 100 miles and 2 hours apart from JFK, it becomes possible to quickly reach them.

Which airports are close to JFK within 15 miles?

LGA or LaGuardia Airport is among the airports that are close to JFK within 15 miles.

What is the estimated time to reach the closest airport to JFK?

Within 2 hours, one can reach the closest airport to JFK.

Which is the nearest airport to JFK under 30 miles?

One of the nearest airports to JFK under 30 miles is Teterboro Airport/TEB.

Which transportation mode is available to reach airports close to JFK?

Rental cars, taxis, and buses are some common transport modes available to go to airports that are close to JFK.

Is Morristown Municipal Airport/MMU closest to JFK?

Yes, MMU/Morristown Municipal Airport is one of the closest to New York Airport (JFK) with a distance of 52.1 miles or 83.8 km.

What is the estimated time of MMU Airport to JFK?

The estimated time to reach MMU from JFK is around 1 hour.

Which transport modes are available from MMU Airport to JFK?

Usually, taxis and rental cars are available from the MMU Airport to John F. Kennedy International Airport.

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