John F. Kennedy International Airport or JFK has featured currency exchange facilities for conveniently meeting the financial requirements of travelers in New York. JFK currency exchange centers are located at Terminals 8, 5, 1, 4, and 7. CXI, SDI, and Travelex run this facility. One can exchange different types of foreign currency here. Also, ATMs are installed at the airport terminals for other financial needs. They are operated by Travelex, Industrial Bank, Bank of America, etc. 

JFK Airport Currency Exchange Information
JFK Airport Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange at JFK Terminal 1

Location of Currency Exchange CentersOperational Hours
Near Gate 4, the post-security area at Level 307:30 A.M. to 11:00 P.M.
Close to arrival areas at Level 107:30 A.M. to 10:30 P.M. 

ATMs at Terminal 1 of JFK Airport

Number of ATMsOperated byLocation
2City National BankAt Levels 1 and 4
2Bank of America Level 3
3Industrial Bank At Levels 1 and 3
3Cash-to-Card Machine Level 3

New York-JFK Airport Currency Exchange at Terminal 4

CXI Currency Exchange (2 centers)At Levels 1 and 3
General Currency Exchange (3 centers)Levels 3 and 1
TravelexNear Gate B31 at Level 3

ATMs at JFK Terminal 4

Regulated byNumber of ATMsLocation
Travelex Levels 1 and 3
Delta Community Credit Union 1Near Gate B33 at Level 3
General 2At Level 1
Cash-to-Card Machine 2Level 4

Currency Exchange at JFK Terminal 5

Number of Currency Exchange CountersLocationOperated by
2At Levels 1 and 3Travelex

ATMs at JFK Airport Terminal 5

Number of ATMsOperated byLocation
5Cash-to-Card Machines At Level 3, near check-in 
1Convert-to-Cash Machine Near check-in, at Level 3
9TravelexAt Levels 1 and 3
1General Near the JFK baggage claim area, outside the security at Level 1

Exchanging Currency at JFK Airport Terminal 7

Number of CentersOperated by Location 
2SDI At Departure and Arrivals Levels 

ATMs at JFK Airport Terminal 7

Operated byNumber of ATMs Location
Travelex2Level 3
General 3Near arrivals at Level 1

Kennedy Airport/JFK Currency Exchange at Terminal 8

General Currency Exchange At Level 3
CXI Currency Exchange Levels 1 and 3

ATMs at JFK Airport Terminal 8

Number of ATMsATM TypeLocation
9General At Levels 1, 2, and 3
2Cash-to-Card Machine Level 3, near check-in 

John F. Kennedy International or JFK Airport currency exchange facilities are offered at every terminal. Reputable companies like CXI and Travelex run them. Due to numerous centers spread across 5 terminals, every flier can conveniently obtain local currencies for their intended international journey. Additionally, ATMs are available throughout the airport. 

How many currency exchange counters are at Terminal 1?

At John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 1, there are 2 currency exchange counters/centers.

When does the Terminal 4 currency exchange center operate?

At JFK Airport Terminal 4, the currency exchange center operates at different hours. For specific hours, contact the officials at this airport.

Does CXI operate the currency exchange service at Terminal 5?

Currently, CXI does not operate currency exchange services at JFK airport Terminal 5.

How many currency exchange centers are at Terminal 8?

In total, 3 currency exchange centers are available at John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 8.

Where are the Bank of America ATMs at JFK Airport?

At Terminal 1 of JFK Airport, Bank of America ATMs are available.

Where to exchange currency at JFK International Airport?

Generally, at both the Departure and Arrival Levels of every terminal at JFK Airport, currency can be exchanged.

How many ATMs are there at JFK Airport?

More than 50 ATMs are located throughout the John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminals.

Can I exchange international coins and bills at JFK Airport?

Yes, usually, travelers can exchange international coins and bills at JFK Airport. Using the CXI currency exchange service, they can do so.

Is Chase ATM available at JFK Airport?

Presently, the Chase Bank ATM is unavailable at Kennedy International Airport.

How much is the JFK money exchange rate?

At John F. Kennedy Airport, the money exchange rate varies due to economic determinants. For confirmation though, connect with the service provider.

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