MAP of John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

The John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) map is a tool that shows various locations within the premises. It can be used by every flyer, whether he/she is traveling to domestic or international locations. It is easy to access and use the JFK Airport map, considering its interactive functioning. By doing so, a flier can get to know multiple directions to the intended locations/areas/counters/levels. The duration to reach from one place to another can be indicated through the map as well. Further, there are no charges applicable to use this tool. 

Map of JFK International Airport

Fliers can use the John F. Kennedy International Airport map to find the location of its 5 terminals. Along with these, other locations/counters, including check-in, baggage claim, etc., can be shown on the map. 

JFK Airport Terminal 1 Map

To visit Terminal 1 of JFK International Airport, fliers can use its map.

JFK Airport Terminal 4 Map

Terminal 4 of John F. Kennedy International Airport is located on the map. 

Map of JFK Airport Terminal 5

The Airport map is useful in getting to JFK Terminal 5 on time. 

JFK Terminal 7 Map

The location of JFK Airport Terminal 7 can be quickly identified with the help of the map.

JFK International Airport Terminal 8 Map

By using the Airport map, one can reach JFK Terminal 8

The JFK International Airport map can help fliers easily locate each terminal. Further, the locations and duration to reach lounges, dining outlets, and more can be identified using this map. Moreover, as this tool is available 24/7, one can reach the intended counter/area at the airport anytime. 

How many terminals are at JFK Airport on the map?

On the JFK Airport map, there are 5 terminals visible.

Where is the check-in counter at JFK?

Usually, the check-in counter is available at every terminal of John F. Kennedy International Airport. Use the airport map to find the exact location of the counter.

What are the directions to the nursing room at JFK Terminal 1?

To know the directions for nursing rooms at JFK Airport Terminal 1, utilize its map. It will be located within the premises of the main building and on the official website too.

How to find the AirTrain location at JFK Airport?

With the help of the Kennedy Airport map, fliers can easily find the location of JFK AirTrain.

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