Established in 2001, JFK or John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 4 is among the best-equipped buildings in New York, USA. This building oversees a range of flight operations for different airlines. Flyers can depart from JFK Terminal 4 and go to domestic and international destinations. While traveling to/from these locations, certain procedures have to be completed, including check-in, security checks, etc. To reach the respective counters for these, gates, levels, and concourses are in operation at this complex.

John F. Kennedy Airport Terminal 4 Guide

Concourses at Terminal 4 of JFK Airport 

The JFK Airport Terminal 4 has 2 active concourses, i.e. A and B. Concourse A hosts a few European airlines as well as Asian air carriers in addition to Delta Connection flights. 

At Concourse B, the domestic and international flights for Delta Air Lines are handled. Along with this, Concourse B is in charge of managing its SkyTeam partners. Moreover, both concourses have a certain number of gates for fliers to quickly move. 

Levels at JFK Airport Terminal 4

1Arrivals Hall or Gates 
3AirTrain/Retail Hall/Gates
4Departure Hall/Check-in 

Gates Available at Terminal 4 of JFK Airport

At Terminal 4 of JFK Airport, around 50 gates are observed. 

  • Gates B22 to 39
  • Gate B20
  • Gates 41 to 49
  • Gate B51
  • Gates B53 to B55
  • Gates 18, 18A, and 18B
  • Gates A2 to A12
  • Gates A14 and A15
  • Gate A19
  • Gate A21

What are the JFK Terminal 4 Airlines?

Currently, there are 21 airlines controlling their flight operations via JFK International Airport Terminal 4. These carriers are inclusive of SkyTeam, Star Alliance, and non-alliance airlines. 

  • Aeromexico
  • Air India
  • Avianca Airlines
  • Air Europa
  • China Airlines
  • Caribbean Airlines
  • Delta Airlines/Delta Connection
  • Copa Airlines
  • Emirates Airlines
  • EL AL Airlines
  • Etihad Airways
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Kenya Airways
  • JetBlue Airlines

In essence, JFK International Airport Terminal 4’s structure allows for the orderly management of multiple international/domestic flight operations. It facilitates easier mobility by connecting to different parts of the airport. Additionally, the facilities in this terminal offer fliers comfortable experiences. 

What are the JFK Terminal 4 dining options?

This airport’s Terminal 4 features some popular dining options, such as Five Boroughs and Le Grand Comptoir.

Is McDonalds available at JFK Terminal 4?

Yes, McDonald’s is available near the retail hall, after the security area, at Level 3 of JFK Airport Terminal 4.

Is self-check-in available at JFK Airport New York Terminal 4?

Common and Delta self-check-in kiosks are available at JFK Airport Terminal 4, Level 4.

What can I buy at JFK NY Terminal 4?

A flier can buy electronics, accessories, books/Magazines, etc., at New York Airport’s Terminal 4.

Where to find CLEAR security at JFK Airport Terminal 4?

At Terminal 4 of this airport, CLEAR security is located near check-in at Level 4.

How to get directions to JFK Airport Terminal 4?

One can receive directions to Terminal 4 by using the map of John F. Kennedy Airport.

How to Transfer at New York-JFK Terminal 4?

By using JFK AirTrain, one can easily move to Terminal 4 from other parts of the airport. This terminal is connected by this service to the rental car center, airport parking lots, and hotel shuttle pickup area.

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