JFK/John F. Kennedy International Airport has 5 active terminals. One of these is Terminal 5. Founded in 2008, it serves as a primary hub for JetBlue Airlines’ operations to/from New York, USA. For the purpose of managing arrivals and departures of this airline, along with others, JFK Terminal 5 has 1 concourse, 4 levels, and 29 gates. In addition to overseeing these, it facilitates the pre-departure and post-arrival processes. 

Guide On JFK Terminal 5

Concourses at JFK Airport Terminal 5

At the moment, there is only 1 Concourse at JFK International Airport Terminal 5. While the complex opened prior, JetBlue Airlines introduced the International Arrival Concourse or “T5i” in 2014. It regulates international aircraft arrivals. 

Levels Available at Terminal 5 of JFK Airport 

2Arrival Gates 

Gates at New York JFK Terminal 5

As of now, Terminal 5 of JFK Airport in New York has around 29 active gates. 

  • Gates 1 to 12 
  • Gates 14 to 30
  • Gates 25 to 30 manage non pre-cleared international flights. 

What are the JFK Terminal 5 Airlines?

Currently, only 2 air carriers manage their departures and arrivals via JFK Airport Terminal 5. 

  • Cape Air
  • JetBlue Airlines 

JFK Airport Terminal 5 has a structure that enables the top airlines to take off and land. Due to this, it serves a large number of fliers each day. The complex also supervises important aviation operations of these airlines for seamless movement domestically/internationally. 

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