In New York, United States, Terminal 8 of John F. Kennedy International Airport is considered one of the busiest structures. It handles millions of fliers each year, hailing internationally/domestically. The complex oversees the smooth departure and arrival of airlines to/from these locations. JFK Terminal 8 has specific counters to complete procedures prior to flights like check-in, baggage deposit, and security check. After arrival, JFK baggage claim areas and customs & borders are carried out at this complex. 

Information on JFK Terminal 8

Concourses at Terminal 8 of JFK Airport 

Terminal 8 at JFK New York Airport has 2 concourses, i.e. B and C. Around 14 gates are available at Concourse B. At Concourse C, about 17 gates are located. Concourse C, in specific, is accessible to passengers via a tunnel with moving walkways. 

Levels Located at JFK Terminal 8

Tunnel International Arrivals 
1Connecting Tunnel/Arrivals
2AirTrain Connections
3Check-in and departures

Gates at JFK Airport Terminal 8

There are 31 gates featured at Terminal 8 of JFK Airport, NY, US. They are located across 2 concourses. 

  • Gates 1 to 8
  • Gate 10
  • Gate 12
  • Gate 14
  • Gate 16
  • Gate 18
  • Gate 20
  • Gates 31 to 47

Note: Find the locations of levels, concourses, and gates by using to the map of JFK Airport Terminal 8.

Which are the JFK Terminal 8 Airlines?

Through New York-JFK Terminal 8, 11 airlines manage their flight departures and arrivals. 

  • American Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific
  • British Airways
  • China Southern
  • Finnair 
  • Iberia Airlines 
  • Japan Airlines
  • Qantas 
  • Royal Jordanian Airlines
  • Qatar Airways

JFK Airport Terminal 8 has adequate space to handle aircraft and passenger movement all day long. The regulation of both domestic and international flights is observed here. Additionally, prior to departures and after arrivals, the terminal provides facilities and amenities required by passengers.

How to move from JFK Terminal 8 to Terminal 4?

Through JFK AirTrain, one can move from Terminal 8 to the 4th building at this airport.

Where to find private car services at Terminal 8 of JFK?

On the Arrival Level of Terminal 8 at New York-JFK Airport, private car services can be found.

Can I cancel a flight at JFK Terminal 8?

Yes, a flier can cancel a flight via a specific desk or kiosk present at JFK Terminal 8.

Which lounges are available at JFK Airport Terminal 8?

Greenwich Lounge, Soho Lounge, Chelsea Lounge, and American Admirals Club are at JFK Airport Terminal 8.

Where to park vehicles at Terminal 8 of JFK Airport?

At Terminal 8 of JFK Airport, the Red Garage parking lot is available.

Which stores are at Terminal 8 of JFK in New York?

Hudson, Hugo Boss, and InMotion are some of the best stores at John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 8.

Does Terminal 8 at JFK Airport have food outlets for children?

Yes, JFK Terminal 8 has Dunkin’ and other such outlets, suitable for kids.

Can I rest at Terminal 8 of JFK Airport?

At T8, a traveler can find lounges to rest here. Otherwise, there are seating areas at this terminal for relaxation.

How to Transfer to Terminal 8 at JFK in New York? 

From various areas at John F. Kennedy International Airport, fliers can take the AirTrain JFK to transfer/reach Terminal 8. This service is available to move across the airport structure, including rental vehicle points, hotel shuttle pickup points, and parking lots. 

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