Travelers’ transportation requirements are met by a range of choices at JFK/John F. Kennedy International Airport. JFK transportation consists of public modes, including the NYC Subway System as well as the Long Island Railroad. When commuting from the airport to other regions nearby, private cars can be preferred. To travel within/from the airfield, the AirTrain JFK is available. With all these modes of transportation, exploring the areas within the airport and other cities/landmarks nearby is easier.

JFK Airport Transportation Guide

Ground Transportation at John F. Kennedy International Airport

At JFK/John F. Kennedy International Airport, fliers can use 5 types of ground transportation. 

  • Taxi
  • Vans
  • Limousine
  • Private Cars
  • Rental Cars

AirTrain JFK Transportation

John F. Kennedy International Airport has AirTrain JFK. It is a complimentary service, for travel particularly within the airport. It runs every day, all year round. One can use this service to travel outside the airfield at a specific charge.

  • AirTrain JFK is available to every traveler who has a valid ticket. 
  • It offers services to 4 main locations within the terminal:
    • Area where vehicle rental companies are housed
    • Every terminal’s parking lot
    • Hotels’ shuttle pickup locations
    • The Long Island Rail Road region
  • For queries, dial the telephone number 718-570-1048.

Fees For AirTrain JFK 

When visiting Howard Beach Station or Jamaica StationUSD 8.25
Discounted fares to visit Howard Beach Station or Jamaica StationUSD 26.50-USD 42.50 (For frequent fliers)

Public Transportation at JFK Airport

Subway and Long Island Railroad are the 2 main JFK Airport public transportation modes. These are subject to conventional fares. 

NYC Subway System Transportation 

The NYC Subway System offers service to Jamaica and Howard Beach from John F. Kennedy International Airport. 

  • Flyers heading to Howard Beach should take Line A of this system. 
  • To travel to Jamaica, one can utilize Line E. 
  • The cost of this facility can be paid via different modes:
    • Wallet Payment
    • Metro card
    • OMNY card
    • Debit/credit card
    • Apple Pay 
Cost for NYC Subway System Public Transportation
LocationConnectionCost (In $)Estimated Time 
Lower Manhattan below W. 14 St.MTA NYC Transit A Subway at Howard Beach Station 11.40 1 hour 
Southern Queens, Northern BrooklynMTA NYC Transit J or Z Subway at Jamaica Station 11.40 50 minutes 
Midtown Manhattan Penn Station W. 34 St.MTA NYC Transit E Subway at Jamaica Station 11.40 50 minutes 
Upper Manhattan W. 125 StMTA NYC Transit E Subway at Jamaica Station11.4075 minutes 

Long Island Railroad

For quicker JFK public transportation, the Long Island Railroad is suitable. 

  • From the Jamaica station, it provides service to reach stations within the city.
    • Jamaica Station – Midtown Manhattan
    • Atlantic Terminal – Downtown Brooklyn
    • Grand Central Terminal – East Side of Midtown Manhattan 
  • The official MTA website discloses the schedule for this service. 
Fees for Long Island Railroad Public Transportation 
Location ConnectionCost (In USD)Estimated Time 
Grand Central Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) at Jamaica Station 13 to 19½ hour 
Midtown Manhattan Penn Station W. 34 StLong Island Rail Road (LIRR) at Jamaica Station13 to 19½ hour 

Private Transportation to Get to JFK Airport 

It is preferable for fliers to use their personal 2 or 4-wheeler transportation to get to JFK/John F. Kennedy International Airport. They can park their vehicles at JFK Airport parking lots. 

At John F. Kennedy International Airport, a variety of transportation options can be used, comprising public and private modes. Travel within the airfield is facilitated for free with AirTrain JFK. This mode, along with the NYC Subway System and Long Island Railroad, assists in traveling outside the airport too.

Is transportation available from JFK to the Port Authority?

Yes, to go to the Port Authority from JFK, transportation is available.

Is bus transportation available at JFK Airport?

Q3, Q19, B15, and other buses are available at Kennedy Airport to provide the ease of transportation to different locations.

Which transportation services are there at JFK Airport?

At this airport, AirTrain JFK is the main transportation mode accessible. It supports travel within and outside the airfield/terminals.

How to get the JFK AirTrain map?

The AirTrain JFK map is displayed at the airport. Otherwise, check the official website of this airport for the same.

Is ground transportation available at JFK Airport?

Yes, bus services are available, including Q3 and Q10, to or from JFK Airport.

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