Terminals 1 and 3 of LAS/Harry Reid International Airport offer numerous parking facilities. Also called McCarran Airport, it has Short-Term, Long-Term, Valet, and Economy Parking options. By paying a certain amount, both domestic and international fliers or visitors can book these lots before their flights take off. The cost for these lots varies depending on for how long the service is required, the parking type, and other factors. 

Parking at Harry Reid Airport Terminal 1

Las Vegas Airport Terminal 1 Parking
Parking Type Location Height Clearance 
Short-Term Parking At Levels 2M and 17 feet and 0 in (Level 2M)8 feet and 0 in (Level 1)
Long-Term Parking Levels 1M, 6, 5, 3, and 48 feet and 0 inch
Valet Parking At Level 27 feet 
Economy Parking Adjacent to the Terminal 1 Long-Term Parking 

Cost For Parking at LAS Airport Terminal 1

Duration of Parking Short-Term Parking Cost (In USD)Valet Parking Price (In $)
For 0 to 1 hour 310
1 to 2 hours 612
2 to 3 hours 914
3-4 hours 18
Every additional hour 42
Daily maximum 3630
Parking Duration Long-Term Parking Rate (In $)Economy Parking Cost (In USD) 
0 to 2 hours 4
0 to 3 hours 10
Each Extra Hour 22
Daily Maximum 1812

Harry Reid International Airport Parking at Terminal 3

Parking at Las Vegas Airport Terminal 3
Type of Parking Location at Terminal 3Height Clearance 
Short-Term Parking At Level 19 feet and 4 inches 
Long-Term Parking Levels 3, 6, 5, and 48 feet and 2 inches 
Valet Parking At Level V 9 feet and 4 inches 
Economy Parking Next to the Parking Garage at Terminal 3

Parking Rates at Harry Reid International Airport Terminal 3

Parking Duration Valet Parking Cost (In $)Short-Term Parking Rate (In USD) 
0 to 1 hour 103
1 to 2 hours 126
2 hours to 3 hours 149
3 to 4 hours 18
Each extra hour 24
Daily maximum 3036
Duration Economy Parking Long-Term Parking 
0-2 hours 4
0 to 3 hours 10
Every additional hour 22
Daily maximum 1218

How to Book Parking Services at Las Vegas International Airport? 

When traveling from LAS Airport, one can book parking services by calling the authorities at 702.261.5122. Or else, one can book the Las Vegas Airport parking by speaking with the authorities in person.

LAS Airport Parking Lot Contact Information 

For information on parking 702.261.5122
Parking Details (General) 702.261.5121
Email IDparkingservices@lasairport.com

At LAS Airport, numerous parking lots are available. Depending on the availability/conditions, these lots can be used/booked. One can leave one’s vehicle parked from 15 minutes to 1 day. Usually, the costs to use the lots are reasonable for both visitors and fliers.

Where is the Cell Phone parking lot at Harry Reid Airport?

A few minutes away from the passenger pick-up curbs at LAS Airport Terminals 1 and 3, the Cell Phone Parking Lot is located. 

How much is the Harry Reid Airport minimum parking rate?

USD 3 is the minimum parking rate for the Short-Term option at this airport.

Can I receive information about LAS Airport parking via email?

Yes, one can send an email to parkingservices@lasairport.com regarding queries on LAS Airport parking services to receive information.

How to pay for Las Vegas Airport parking?

Usually, a flier can use credit and debit cards to make payments for Las Vegas International Airport parking services. In addition, cashless payments are accepted.

Where is the Remote Parking Lot at Las Vegas Airport?

The Remote Parking Lot is located at Gilespie Street, which is across from the Rent-A-Car Center at LAS Airport.

How long can I halt vehicles at LAS Airport Long-Term parking?

Travelers can halt their vehicles for up to 30 days at Long-Term parking lots.

Is Economy Parking free at Las Vegas Airport?

For the first 15 minutes, travelers/visitors can halt their vehicles for free at the Economy Parking lot of McCarran Airport.

How much is Long-Term Parking at Harry Reid Airport?

The starting cost for Long-Term Parking lots at LAS Airport is USD 10 for 0 to 3 hours. Further, its daily maximum cost is $18.

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