Harry Reid International Airport, located in Nevada, US, houses 2 main buildings, primarily including Terminal 1. This terminal facilitates the arrival and departure of several flights per day. Of these, Las Vegas Airport Terminal 1 handles the domestic flight operations for over 7 airlines. 3 concourses named A, B, and C are also housed by this terminal. It is a spacious building, offering a convenient layout for the fliers with a large parking garage, ticketing, check-in areas, and baggage claim carousels. Additionally, amenities like shops, restaurants, and dining outlets are available to the passengers here.

Las Vegas Airport Terminal 1

Concourses at LAS Airport Terminal 1

At present, Terminal 1 at Las Vegas Airport features 3 Concourses, given as follows:

  • Concourse A
  • Concourse B
  • Concourse C 

Apart from these, there is 1 more concourse at LAS Airport. The satellite Concourse D is accessible to fliers from Terminal 1 through an automated transit system.

Levels at Harry Reid Airport Terminal 1

LAS Airport Terminal 1 consists of 4 levels. Each of these renders specific services to travelers. These services or operations are given below:

ZeroOffers access to sleep pods and restrooms
1For check-in and baggage claims
2Handles departures
2MFeatures the Parking Mezzanine

Gates at Harry Reid Airport Terminal 1

There are around 47 gates present at A, B, and C Gates. The respective gate numbers are listed below:  

A Gates:

  • Gate A3
  • Gate A5
  • Gates A7 and A8
  • Gate A10
  • Gates A14 and A15
  • Gates A17 to A23

B Gates: 

  • Gates B1 and B2
  • Gate B6
  • Gate B9
  • Gates B10 to B12
  • Gates B14 and B15
  • Gate B17
  • Gates B19 to B25

C Gates: 

  • Gates C1 to C5
  • Gate C7
  • Gates C11 and C12
  • Gate C14
  • Gate C16
  • Gate C19
  • Gates C21 to C25

Airlines Operating out of Terminal 1 at Las Vegas International Airport

Terminal 1 of Las Vegas Airport operates the arrivals and departures of 7 airlines, namely:

  • Avelo Air
  • American Airlines
  • Allegiant Air
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Advanced Air
  • Spirit Airlines

Harry Reid Airport Terminal 1 is a wide and spacious building. It has been functioning well since its establishment. Through this terminal, several flights of different airlines are managed through Gates A, B, and C without any hindrance. Additionally, it renders different amenities for enhanced journeys.

What services are offered at Terminal 1 of LAS Airport?

ATMs and food outlets are certain services/facilities that are offered at Terminal 1, LAS Airport.

What modes of transit are there from Terminal 1 to the Las Vegas Strip?

Limousines, buses, and rental cars are available from this airport’s Terminal 1 to the Strip.

Is there any lounge at Terminal 1 of Harry Reid International Airport?

At Terminal 1 of Harry Reid Airport, one can find lounges to rest before flights.

What transit modes are there to downtown Las Vegas from LAS Terminal 1?

Via shuttles, taxis, or ride-shares, one can go to downtown Las Vegas from Terminal 1.

Are there duty-free stores at Terminal 1 of LAS Airport?

Currently, Terminal 1 of Las Vegas Airport doesn’t facilitate any duty-free shops.

Does Terminal 1 of LAS Airport offer well-known dining outlets?

Pei Wei is among the famous dining options at Terminal 1 of Harry Reid International Airport.

Does LAS Airport Terminal 1 have charging stations for electronics?

Yes, charging stations for electronic devices are accessible at Level 2 of LAS Terminal 1.

Is there an art installation or exhibit to explore in LAS Terminal 1?

Fliers may find exhibits/art at LAS Terminal 1 Neon Museum.

What time should I come to LAS Airport Terminal 1 for domestic flight departure?

One should come 2 hours earlier for a domestic flight departing via LAS Terminal 1.

Does Terminal 1 of LAS have any designated pet relief areas?

There are designated pet relief areas near the baggage claim area at Terminal 1 of LAS.

How to Transfer to Las Vegas International Airport Terminal 1? 

Courtesy shuttle buses are available for moving to Terminal 1 at LAS Airport from other areas. 

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