Travelers flying domestically or internationally can depart from 10 LAX departure terminals. In order to control flight take-offs at Los Angeles International Airport, TBIT, Terminals 1 to 8, and the Regional Terminal are employed. Here, not only are departures managed but they are also supervised for pre-flight procedures of several airlines. At these terminals, check-in is the primary procedure regulated. Security checks, baggage deposit, and boarding are additional ones.

LAX Airport Departures Information

Airlines Departing from Los Angeles International Airport Terminals

Many airlines operate out of Los Angeles Airport Departure Terminals 1 to 8, Regional Terminal, and TBIT at Los Angeles International Airport on a regular/seasonal basis. 

Los Angeles Airport Flight Departures

LAX Airport Terminal 1 Departures

More than 5 airlines depart their flights via Terminal 1 of Los Angeles International Airport or LAX in California. 

  • Viva Aerobus
  • Sun Country Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Cayman Airways
  • Breeze Airways
  • Allegiant Airlines 

Los Angeles International Airport/LAX Terminal 2 Departures

5 air operators manage their domestic and international flight departures from Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 2

  • WestJet Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Norse 
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Condor Airlines

Departures at LAX Airport Terminal 3

There are 2 airlines that depart their aircraft from Terminal 3 of LAX Airport in California, United States. 

  • Delta Airlines
  • Aeromexico

Los Angeles Airport Terminal 4 Departures

As of now, American Airlines departs its flights via Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 4

LAX/Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 5 Departures

Terminal 5 of Los Angeles International Airport manages flight departures of 2 prominent airlines. 

  • Spirit Airlines 
  • JetBlue Airlines

Departures via Los Angeles Airport Terminal 6

At Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 6, the aircraft of Alaska Airlines take off. This complex is the main hub for this carrier in Los Angeles, California. However, it is used by other airlines too.

  • Horizon Air
  • Air Canada
  • Advanced Air (Regional)
  • Southern Airways Express (Regional)

Los Angeles Airport Terminal 7 Departures

United Airlines handles its flight departures from LAX Airport Terminal 7. This complex is additionally used by the airline’s regional branch – United Express.

LAX or Los Angeles Airport Departure Terminal 8

From 2022 onward, the flights of United Airlines/United Express have been flying out of Terminal 8 at LAX Airport. This is the hub terminal for United.

Departures at Los Angeles Airport Terminal B

At Tom Bradley International Terminal, TBIT, or Terminal B of LAX Airport, over 45 airlines manage their flight departures. Numerous carriers among these are the best ones globally.

  • Zipair
  • Xiamen Airlines
  • Volaris Costa Rica
  • Turkish Airlines 
  • Volaris 
  • Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.
  • StarLux Airlines 
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Sichuan Airlines
  • Scandinavian Airlines
  • Saudia Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Qantas 
  • Philippine Airlines
  • Lufthansa Airlines
  • LOT Polish Airlines
  • Level Airlines 
  • Korean Airlines
  • LAN Airlines
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 

LAX Airport Departures at Regional Terminal

American Eagle flights leave from LAX Airport via its Regional Terminal. 

Terminals 1 to 8, TBIT, and the Regional Terminal at LAX Airport efficiently run the departures of 50+ airlines. Besides, they ensure that travelers finish the pre-departure procedures in order to take off on time. These processes are controlled promptly, even for international flights that involve longer wait times. 

When to arrive at LAX Airport for departures?

For domestic flights, one should come at least 2 hours before departure. For international flights, visit here 3 hours before the scheduled take-off time.

Which level is used at LAX Airport for flight departures?

At LAX Airport terminals, Level 3 is utilized for the departure of flights.

Where is the smoking area at LAX Airport departure terminals?

At Departure Terminals 5, 6, 7, 3, 1, and TBIT of this airport, smoking areas are located.

What are the amenities at LAX Airport departure terminals?

Departure Terminals of this airport have different amenities, including adult changing diapers, ATMs, and charging stations.

What is the Delta departure terminal at LAX Airport?

For the departures of Delta Airlines flights, Terminal 2 of LAX Airport is approached.

Where to print boarding passes at Los Angeles Airport before departure?

Generally, at check-in counters, one can print a boarding pass at Los Angeles International Airport/LAX before departures.

Which level is for check-in at Los Angeles Airport?

Level 2 of every terminal at Los Angeles International Airport is used for procedures prior to departure like check-in.

Are there self-check-in kiosks at Los Angeles Airport Departure Terminals?

Yes, at LAX Airport Departure Terminals 4 and TBIT, self-check-in kiosks are available.

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