To help travelers find their misplaced belongings at the airport terminals as well as its nearby areas, LAX or Los Angeles International Airport offers a Lost and Found facility. The Airport Police Division is in charge of managing this facility. The LAX Lost and Found Office helps in gathering, classifying, and reuniting missing items, such as electronics, ID cards, backpacks, valuables, and more. In order to report lost items to this office or division, online claims can be made through the airport’s official website. Once the claim has been submitted, the airport authorities start a thorough search and return the item to its rightful owner within some days. 

Lax Airport Lost and Found Office/Department Info.
Lax Lost and Found Department

Where is the LAX Airport Lost and Found Office Located? 

LAX Airport Lost and Found Location 5600 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90045, United States 
Managed by Airport Police Division

LAX TSA Lost and Found Office

LAX Airport TSA Lost and Found

Fliers can get in touch with the TSA security police straight when they lose their belongings at LAX Airport TSA checkpoints. 

  • In order to file a claim with the Transportation Security Administration, fill in a form.
  • This form is available on the official website of the TSA. 
  • Or, one can make a claim with the LAX TSA Lost and Found Office by dialing 866-289-9673. 
  • Once a claim has been made, the TSA department will conduct a thorough search. 
  • Within 5 to 10 business days, the items will be given to the TSA agents. 
  • These agents will then provide these belongings to the fliers.

Airline-Specific LAX Airport Lost and Found Facilities 

AirlineBusiness Hours Locatio
United Airlines Lost and Found Drop-off Office 24/7At LAX Terminal 8, Level 3
American Airlines Lost & Found Office 08:30 A.M. to 04:30 P.M. (Monday through Friday) Level 1, outside the security area at LAX Terminal 5 

Contact Information of LAX Lost and Found Division

ModeContact Information
Email Address 
Contact Number +1-424-646-5678 (Police Division) 310-665-4560 (For lost passports

LAX Airport has the Lost and Found Office managed by the Airport Police Division. Here, the police division ensures the ease of making claims and recovering their misplaced belongings. However, one should note that the division’s main focus is to assist in finding such items lost at the airport. 

What if property at LAX Airport Lost and Found is not claimed?

The LAX Airport Lost and Found division may dispose of the property by following legal procedures in case it is not claimed.

How long does LAX Lost and Found take to review a claim?

Generally, the response time of this Lost & Found Office is 5 to 7 days, including Monday to Friday, except for holidays. However, over the course of years, it can change.

What are the operational hours of LAX Airport Police Lost and Found?

On weekdays, the LAX Airport police Lost and Found service is available from 08:00 A.M. to 03:00 P.M. It is open till 05:00 P.M., on weekends.

Is the LAX Lost and Found contact number active all day?

Usually, the phone/contact number of the LAX Lost and Found division is active during its regular operating hours.

Why was my claim at Los Angeles Airport Lost and Found closed?

Claims for lost & found at LAX may be closed due to the item not being received by fliers within 90 days. Or, the data needed to confirm ownership wasn’t received by the airport.

How long is property kept by Los Angeles Airport Police Lost and Found?

The recovered property is kept by the LAX Airport Lost and Found Office for 97 days. However, claiming it within 90 days is suggested.

Is it free to claim lost items at Los Angeles Airport?

When claiming a misplaced item, the Los Angeles Airport Police charges no fee.

How to inquire about lost items at LAX?

Use the website of Los Angeles Airport to submit a form for inquiring about lost items.

What is LAX Pixit Powered by Crowdfind?

LAX Airport team uses the software – Pixit Powered by Crowdfind – to inventory the missing items and manage inquiries.

Is there any LAX Airport phone number to inquire about lost items?

As of now, there is no specific phone number for lost item queries. However, the concerned division can be contacted online via the LAX Airport website.

How does the Los Angeles Airport Lost & Found Office communicate?

The Los Angeles International Airport Lost & Found division contacts fliers by mail or call, depending on the information registered.

Is LAX Airport affiliated with any lost & found companies?

LAS is not affiliated with any third-party lost and found companies to initiate the search process.

Why provide lost item information to LAX?

This airport requires essential information regarding lost bags or objects in order to search and identify them.

How to retrieve an item at LAX Airport?

To retrieve a misplaced item at LAX, contact the authorities to ship it. The invoice for the same will be emailed to the passenger.

Why didn’t Los Angeles Airport respond to the lost baggage claim?

This airport may take longer to review lost bag claims as it receives up to 700 items per month. Until the claim is reviewed, LAX may not respond.

For how long does LAX retain a property at the Lost & Found Office?

The LAX Airport Police Lost and Found Office holds properties for 97 days.

Why did Los Angeles International Airport close my claim?

In case a missing bag is not found, verified due to incomplete information, or recovered in 90 days, this airport may close the claim.

What if a lost bag is unclaimed at LAX?

LAX Lost and Found disposes of properties as per the law (Civil Code § 2080.6). Then the auctioned properties are received by

Is a claim for a lost item at LAX considered a police report?

In general, such a claim for a lost object is considered to be a query. It is managed by the LAX Airport Police Lost and Found division.

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