To accommodate certain demands of travelers or visitors, Los Angeles International Airport offers a variety of parking options. Known by another name, LAX, this airfield provides Central Terminal Area Parking in all complexes. In addition, LAX Airport parking includes Economy and LAX Budget lots. Here, travelers can safely park their vehicles. The price for reserving these spots varies based on the length of the stay and the kind of lot. 

LAX Airport Parking Information

Central Terminal Area Parking at LAX Airport

Location Directly across from all the airport terminals 
Number of buildings 8
Parking slots accessible7000
Available for Overnight visits and prolonged stays 

Fees for Central Terminal Area Parking 

Duration of Parking Premium Parking Cost (In USD) Drive up Rate (In $)
For up to 15 minutes No costFree
The first hour, or a portion of it119
Every 30 minutes following the 1st hour 97
For every 24 hours or 1 day (Maximum) 7060

Vertical Clearance 

Parking StructureVehicle Height (Maximum)
1, 4, and 37 feet and 6 inches 
2A8 feet 
2B6 feet and 10 inches 
5 as well as 7 7 feet 
68 feet and 2 inches 

LAX Budget Parking at Los Angeles Airport

Location 5455 West 111th Street, Los Angeles, California, 90045
Number of parking slots 2000

Cost for LAX Budget Parking 

Duration of Parking Cost (In $)
1 hour/60 minutes, or a portion of it 5
For 24 hours/1 day (Maximum) 20

Economy Parking at Los Angeles Airport/LAX 

Location 6100 W. 94th Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90045
Number of parking spaces4000

Approved Vehicle Length 

LevelsVehicle Height (Maximum) 
114 feet 
2, 3, and 48 feet and 1 inch 

Cost for Economy Parking

Duration of ParkingRate (In USD)
1st hour, or a portion of it 8
Every 30 minutes or ½ hour after the first hour 7
For 1 day/24 hours (Maximum) 35 

Los Angeles Airport/LAX Van Nuys FlyAway Parking 

Van Nuys Parking at LAX Airport offers public parking to FlyAway Bus fliers. It is located at FlyAway Bus Terminal.

  • ‘First come, first serve’ access is available for this facility. 
  • The cost for this parking service is around USD 2 per hour. 
  • Further, USD 6 is levied for a daily maximum limit. 
  • Here, parking is available for vehicles that are up to 8 feet tall. 

How to Book LAX Airport Parking Lots? 

Go to Los Angeles International Airport or LAX to schedule/book parking services in person. Or, through the contact number, one can book this service. Alternatively, for Los Angeles Airport parking reservations online, visit its official website and perform a series of steps. 

  • Once the website is opened, choose “Book Parking at LAX”. 
  • Add the airline’s name, time, as well as the entry and exit dates.
  • Select the “Book Now” option. 
Book Parking at LAX
  • Pick a suitable parking lot. 
  • Further, include these details:
    • Personal information
    • Detail of the vehicle
    • Travel details 
  • If applicable, then include a promotional code. 
  • Click the “Book and Pay” feature. 

There are several parking spots at Los Angeles International Airport or LAX. These include CTA Parking, Economy, and LAX Budget. Fliers can park their vehicles in accordance with their requirements and budget. To ensure a comfortable journey, one can take advantage of reasonable rates as well as 24-hour vehicle security.

What is the timing of CTA parking at LAX Airport?

The timing for CTA parking at LAX Airport is 24/7, including holidays. Hence, one can park vehicles at all hours.

How to pay for LAX Airport parking rates?

One can pay for LAX Airport parking fees via major credit/debit cards, such as Discover, American Express Card, and MasterCard.

How long can I park a vehicle at LAX Airport?

One can park his/her vehicle for up to 30 days (maximum) at this airport. For more than 30 days, one can contact ABM Parking at 310-646-2911.

Whom do I contact at LAX Airport when a vehicle is impounded?

A flier can contact the Airport Police via the phone number 310-646-4268 in case a vehicle is impounded.

How to give feedback/complaints regarding the LAX CTA Parking?

Travelers can contact LAWA Parking via email at to make complaints. Or give feedback regarding LAX CTA Parking as well, this ID is useful.

Is there any monthly parking available at LAX Airport?

One can park a vehicle at this airport for up to 30 days. However, at present, no specific monthly parking service is available.

Whom should I call for parking at LAX Airport in an emergency?

Fliers can contact the Airport Police at 424-646-7911 regarding a LAX parking emergency.

Are motorcycle and bike parking free at Los Angeles Airport?

Yes, one can halt motorcycle/bike for free in all the premium areas as well as general ones inside the CTA parking structures.

Is Electric Vehicle Parking available at LAX Airport?

At CTA Parking and Economy Parking of Los Angeles International Airport, one can halt an electric vehicle.

How much is the EV charging rate at LAX Airport?

For EV charging at LAX Airport, USD 2 is charged per session and $0.45 is levied per KWH.

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