Since 1962, Los Angeles International Airport/LAX Terminal 2 has been managing the departures and arrivals of numerous airlines. Via this airport terminal in California, United States, these air carriers travel to both domestic and international locations. Aside from managing these operations, Terminal 2’s layout comprises a number of amenities. Besides these, the complex has been renovated to provide better facilities and handle passenger traffic with more ease.

LAX Airport Terminal 2 Guide

Which Levels are at Terminal 2 of LAX Airport? 

LevelsServices/Operations Managed 
1Baggage claim 

Gates Available at LAX Airport Terminal 2

In total, LAX Airport Terminal 2 has 13 gates. 

  • Gates 20 and 21
  • Gate 21A
  • Gate 22
  • Gates 23A and 23B
  • Gate 24
  • Gates 25A and 25B
  • Gates 26A and 26B
  • Gates 27 and 28

Airlines Flying to or from Terminal 2 at LAX Airport 

Terminal 2 of Los Angeles International Airport acts as a central point/hub for Delta Air Lines. Along with this, 4 other air carriers operate their flights via this complex. 

  • Condor Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Norse Air 
  • WestJet Airlines 

LAX International Airport Terminal 2 accommodates aircraft and passenger movement with ease throughout the day. Here, both domestic and international flights are managed. The terminal additionally offers the services needed by travelers before departures or after arrivals to customize their experiences. 

How many lounges are at Terminal 2 of LAX Airport?

At LAX Airport Terminal 2, there is 1 lounge available named Delta Sky Club.

Does Terminal 2 of LAX Airport have a Lost and Found Office?

As of now, LAX Terminal 2 does not have a Lost and Found Office.

Which baggage facilities are available at LAX Airport Terminal 2?

Luggage carts are one of the facilities available at this terminal. Besides, there are baggage deposit services.

Does Delta operate via LAX Terminal 2?

On a frequent basis, Delta Airlines departs its flights via Los Angeles Airport Terminal 2.

Which are the best dining options at LAX Terminal 2?

Slapfish Modern Seafood Shack and Fresh Brothers Pizza & Sandwiches are the best dining outlets at this terminal.

What is the security wait time at Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 2?

The security wait time at LAX Terminal 2 is approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Is self-check-in available at Terminal 2 of LAX?

At present, self-check-in is unavailable at this terminal.

How to transfer to Los Angeles Airport Terminal 2?

To move to Terminal 2 from other complexes, courtesy shuttles and FlyAway buses are available.

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