Since 1961, Terminal 3 at LAX/Los Angeles International Airport has been operational. For Delta Air Lines, this complex serves as a hub. Besides, it also manages other airlines’ operations. To manage the same, it has Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as 14 gates, from 33 to 38. In California, U.S., LAX Terminal 3 is useful for its wide range of services that provide travelers with positive airport experiences. Parking and lounges are part of these services. Some of these can be availed free, while others are payable. 

LAX Airport Terminal 3 Quick Guide

Levels Available at Terminal 3 of LAX Airport

At Terminal 3 of LAX Airport, Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 are accessible for varying operations:

1Baggage claim

Gates at LAX Airport Terminal 3

At present, there are around 14 gates at LAX Airport Terminal 3. These gates are located at Level 3 or Departure Level. 

  • Gate 33
  • Gate 30B
  • Gate 30A
  • Gate 35
  • Gate 32B
  • Gate 32A
  • Gate 36
  • Gate 31A
  • Gate 38
  • Gate 31B
  • Gate 37A
  • Gate 34B
  • Gate 37B
  • Gate 34A

Services Available at LAX Airport Terminal 3

The levels of LAX Terminal 3 have multiple services for departing/arriving flyers. 

  • ADA Complementary Paratransit Service
  • Pet Relief Areas
  • Nursing Rooms
  • Smoking Area
  • Water Refill Stations

Airlines Flying from/to LAX Terminal 3 

Aeromexico is one of the airlines that manages its flight operations at Los Angeles Airport Terminal 3.

  • In addition, Delta Air Lines uses this terminal for some of its operations.
  • Further, WestJet Airlines planes are observed to depart from this complex.  

Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 3 has a massive structure. On a daily basis, it manages arrivals and departures of multiple airlines that travel to Guadalajara, Mexico City, and other destinations. To ensure travelers’ conveniences, this terminal offers lounges, restaurants, and shopping stores too. 

Are there any lounges available in Terminal 3 of Los Angeles Airport?

At Terminal 3, Delta Sky Club Lounge is available.

How early should I arrive at LAX Terminal 3 for domestic flights?

A traveler should arrive at LAX Airport 120 minutes earlier than the departure of domestic flights.

Can I find dining options after security in Terminal 3 LAX?

Yes, Alfred/Chicken + Beer are certain dining options at Terminal 3.

Is there a designated area for rideshare pickups at LAX Terminal 3?

Currently, a designated area for rideshare pickup is unavailable at Terminal 3.

Are there any shops or retail outlets in Terminal 3?

Gameway, Inmotion, and Hudson Non Stop are some shops available at LAX terminal 3.

Is Terminal 3 connected to other terminals at LAX?

Yes, Terminal 3 is connected to other terminals at this airport via Courtesy Shuttles.

How do I access LAX Terminal 3 from the parking areas?

Via LAX Shuttle, one can access Terminal 3 from the parking areas.

Are there any ATMs available in Terminal 3 Los Angeles Airport?

At present, ATMs are unavailable at this airport terminal.

What transportation options are available from LAX Terminal 3 to nearby destinations?

To nearby destinations, scheduled buses and rental cars are accessible from here.

What is Priority Pass and how does it work at LAX Terminal 3?

The Priority Pass is a membership program for the LAX Airport lounge.

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