Terminal 4 of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) opened for business in 1961. Situated in California, U.S., it functions as a hub for American Airlines. Here, this airline manages its flight operations on a regular basis. To execute these operations effectively and handle domestic/international passenger traffic, LAX Terminal 4 has undergone renovation. It now includes more areas for restrooms, a bus gate, hold rooms, etc. Besides these renovations, currently as well, this complex is under upgrades to broaden its functioning. These upgrades are inclusive of new ticket booths, escalators, elevators, ticketing lobby, and baggage claim areas. 

LAX Airport Terminal 4 Guide

Levels at LAX Airport Terminal 4

LAX or Los Angeles Airport Terminal 4 has 5 levels in use, including 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

  • At Level 1, all baggage claim facilities take place. 
  • Level 2 handles ticketing and check-in services. 
  • Via Level 3, flight departures occur. 
  • At Level 4, several providers run lounges and restaurants. 
  • Level 5 has a connector. 

How Many Gates are at Terminal 4 at LAX Airport? 

Nearly 15 gates are at Terminal 4 of LAX Airport.

  • Gate 40
  • Gate 42A
  • Gate 41
  • Gate 43
  • Gate 42B
  • Gate 45
  • Gate 44
  • Gate 46C
  • Gate 46A
  • Gate 47B
  • Gate 47A
  • Gate 48B
  • Gate 48A
  • Gate 49B
  • Gate 49A 

Airlines Flying from/to LAX Terminal 4

At Terminal 4 of LAX International Airport in California, American Airlines flight operations are managed, except for international arrivals. 

LAX Airport Terminal 4 is a huge structure with several gates/levels. Here, it manages numerous flight operations and provides essential facilities too. To extend its functioning, this airport terminal undergoes frequent upgrades. Hence, at all times, it is able to render satisfactory airport experiences while arriving and departing.

How do I access Terminal 4 at LAX?

One can access/reach Terminal 4 at LAX Airport by using the LAX Shuttle facility.

Which airlines fly out of Terminal 4 LAX Airport?

American Airlines operates out of Terminal 4 of this airport.

Is parking available at LAX Terminal 4 and what is its fee?

Yes, parking is available at Terminal 4 with the minimum drive-up rate being USD 9.

Can I get dining options within Terminal 4 LAX?

Within this terminal, there are multiple dining options available.

What is the recommended arrival time at LAX Terminal 4 for a domestic flight?

For domestic flights, the recommended arrival time at Terminal 4 is 2 hours ahead of schedule.

Does LAX Terminal 4 have services for disabled travelers?

For travelers with disabilities, Terminal 4 has certain services available.

Does Terminal 4 of Los Angeles International Airport have lounges?

Yes, 2 main lounges are available at LAX Terminal 4.

What facilities are available for fliers waiting at LAX Terminal 4?

Charging stations, ATMs, and business centers are certain facilities at T4.

Are there currency exchange services at Terminal 4 of LAX?

Yes, LAX currency exchange facilities are located near Gate 41, Level 3, Terminal 4.

How to use Priority Pass at Terminal 4 of Los Angeles Airport?

The Priority Pass can be used for lounge accessibility at LAX Airport Terminal 4.

How to Transfer to Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 4?

Courtesy Shuttles are a reliable transportation option to move to LAX Terminal 4 from other buildings.

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