In California, U.S., LAX or Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 5 manages multiple airlines. From here, they arrive from or take off to many locations, including Boston, Cancun, etc. There are a variety of stores, outlets, and lounges inside LAX Terminal 5 to make traveling to these destinations more enjoyable. Along with these, this terminal is equipped with services including ATMs, business centers, and charging stations. To navigate the complex to use the services or board planes, there are several levels and gates.

Details On LAX Airport Terminal 5

Levels at Terminal 5 of LAX Airport 

Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 5 consists of Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 for varied operations.

  • At Level 1, all baggage claim facilities are observed. 
  • Level 2 has multiple facilities, including flight check-in and ticketing. 
  • Via Level 3, the airlines manage their flight departures. 
  • At Level 4, restaurants and lounges can be found.

Gates Available at Terminal 5 of LAX Airport 

In total, Terminal 5 of LAX Airport has 16 gates. Also, it has a bus gate to manage different operations and passenger traffic. 

  • Gate 51A
  • Gate 50
  • Gate 53A
  • Gate 51B
  • Gate 54A
  • Gate 53B
  • Gate 54B
  • Gate 55A
  • Gate 51A
  • Gate 55B
  • Gate 51D
  • Gate 52C
  • Gate 52B
  • Gate 59
  • Gate 57
  • Gate 58

Which Airlines Fly out of LAX Airport Terminal 5? 

Terminal 5 at LAX Airport manages flight operations of JetBlue Airlines and Spirit Air. Both air carriers’ domestic and international flight operations are handled here, excluding certain flight arrivals. 

Through Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 5, various airlines manage their flight operations. For the same, this terminal is equipped with several gates and levels. Further, to ensure a smooth journey, the complex has a number of amenities for travelers, ranging from charging stations to ground transportation. 

Is LAX Terminal 5 open all day long?

Yes, Terminal 5 is open all day long to serve fliers traveling on different flight schedules.

Which services are available at LAX Terminal 5?

Pet relief areas, nursing rooms, and charging stations are certain amenities at Terminal 5.

How far in advance of my trip should I get to Terminal 5?

2-3 hours prior to the planned departure, a traveler must arrive at Terminal 5 for his/her flight.

Does LAX have a designated smoking area at Terminal 5?

Yes, at Levels 1 and 2 of Terminal 5, a designated smoking area is located.

Can you bring pets through LAX Terminal 5?

Based on the specific air carrier’s terms, travelers can bring their pets to Terminal 5.

Does LAX Terminal 5 have currency exchange facilities?

Presently, Terminal 5 does not have currency exchange facilities.

Which transportation is accessible from LAX Terminal 5?

Scheduled buses, rental cars, and taxis are available from Terminal 5.

Does LAX have restrictions on carry-on luggage at Terminal 5?

According to an airline’s regulations, weight/size carry-on luggage restrictions apply.

Are there lost and found services within LAX Terminal 5?

LAX lost and found service is available within Terminal 5, managed by the Airport Police Division.

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