From 1963 onward, Los Angeles International Airport or LAX Terminal 6 has managed the arrivals and departures of reliable airlines. Situated in California, U.S., these air carriers fly domestically/internationally to/from New York, Guadalajara, and more places, using Terminal 6. At this complex, there are 4 levels and 16 gates. Via these, the air carriers effectively run their flight operations at T6. Further, this terminal provides access to multiple amenities, such as dining, retail stores, parking lots, and lounges. Additionally, its structure facilitates inter-terminal transfers so that fliers can utilize the amenities found at other complexes too. 

Information on LAX Airport Terminal 6

Levels Available at Terminal 6 LAX Airport 

Terminal 6 at LAX or Los Angeles International Airport consists of 4 levels. 

  • At Level 1, baggage claim facilities are provided.
  • Ticketing and check-in facilities are available at Level 2. 
  • All flight departures are carried out via Level 3. 
  • At Level 4, lounges can be explored.

Gates Available at LAX Airport Terminal 6

Around 16 gates are observed at LAX Airport Terminal 6 for entries and exits.

  • Gate 60
  • Gate 62
  • Gate 61
  • Gate 63
  • Gate 65A
  • Gate 64A
  • Gate 65C
  • Gate 64C
  • Gate 65B
  • Gate 64B
  • Gate 67
  • Gate 66
  • Gate 68B
  • Gate 68A
  • Gate 69B
  • Gate 69A

Airlines Operating out of Terminal 6 at LAX Airport 

Nearly 5 air carriers routinely oversee their flight operations through Terminal 6 of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). 

  • Air Canada 
  • Advanced Air 
  • Horizon Air 
  • Alaska Airlines 
  • Southern Airways 

LAX Terminal 6 is a massive structure. It is sufficiently big to regulate the arrivals and departures of many airlines that travel to Chicago, Honolulu, etc. It has several gates, as well as levels, to manage these operations effectively. Those traveling round trips can observe terminal transfers too.  

What are the carry-on luggage restrictions at LAX T6?

Usually, carry-on luggage above the dimensions 22 * 18 * 10 inches is not allowed at Terminal 6.

Does LAX Terminal 6 have currency exchange services?

Yes, at Terminal 6 of Los Angeles Airport, currency exchange services are available.

Can I bring my pet to Terminal 6?

Travelers can bring pets when flying via Terminal 6, subject to airlines’ rules.

What time should I get to Terminal 6 for international flights?

A flier must come to Terminal 6 “3 hours” before the international flight’s departure.

Does Terminal 6 of LAX have lounges for passengers?

Yes, airlines like Alaska and Air Canada have lounges for passengers at this terminal.

Does LAX Terminal 6 have charging stations for electronic devices?

There are 6 charging stations for electronics on Levels 1 and 3 of Terminal 6.

Does T6 of Los Angeles Airport have any ATMs?

Yes, an ATM is located on Level 3 of Terminal 6, post the security area, near Gate 62.

What are the food outlets at Terminal 6?

California Pizza Kitchen, The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck, etc., are found at this terminal.

Does Terminal 6 have a smoking area?

Levels 1 and 3 of Terminal 6 have 3 specific smoking areas for fliers.

Is a car rental facility available at T6?

Yes, car rental facilities are available at this airport’s terminal.

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