In terms of passenger volume and aircraft movements, Los Angeles International Airport/LAX Terminal 7 is one of the busiest complexes. Located in California. U.S., it functions as a significant center for certain airlines. To manage their operations, it has 3 levels and 14 gates. To regulate these with more flexibility, this complex provides amenities, such as currency exchange, financial services, and more. Further, to make fliers movement easier, it was renovated in early 2019. A refurbishment project began that included lounges, an expanded ticketing lobby, upgraded seats with additional charging stations, and better security screening checkpoints. Further, Terminal 7’s connection to the upcoming Automated People Mover is currently being worked on for the same purpose.  

Guide on LAX Airport Terminal 7

Levels at LAX Airport Terminal 7

In total, 3 levels are observed at Terminal 7 of LAX International Airport. 

  • At Level 1, LAX baggage claim facilities can be availed.
  • For check-in and ticketing services, Level 2 can be visited. 
  • After regulating all the procedures, departures are managed via Level 3. 

What Gates are Available at LAX Terminal 7? 

14 gates are present at Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 7. These are listed as follows: 

  • Gate 72A
  • Gate 72B
  • Gate 75A
  • Gate 73
  • Gate 75B
  • Gate 74
  • Gate 76A
  • Gate 74B
  • Gate 77
  • Gate 70B
  • Gate 70A
  • Gate 76B
  • Gate 71A
  • Gate 71B 

Airlines Operating Out of Los Angeles Airport Terminal 7

At Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 7, United Express and United Airlines handle their flight operations. These include both arrivals and departures. 

LAX Terminal 7 oversees a few airlines’ domestic and international flight operations. Here, operations are carried out in a systematic way. To consistently regulate them, there are functional information desks as well. These are installed across the terminal to assist the fliers.

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