In California, U.S., LAX or Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 8 is one of the busiest structures that serve millions of travelers flying domestically and internationally. Originally called Concourse 8 or Satellite 8, it manages the seamless flight departures and arrivals of several airlines. To manage the same with more flexibility, the complex offers a number of amenities, such as food outlets, retail shops, and lounges. Additionally, this structure has a simple layout with around 8 gates and 2 levels, enabling easy navigation. These can be used to reach the designated counter or area at T8. 

Information on Los Angeles or LAX Airport Terminal 8

What are the Levels at Terminal 8 LAX Airport? 

Terminal 8 at LAX/Los Angeles International Airport features Levels 1 and 3. 

  • At Level 1, travelers will arrive from their intended locations. 
  • Further, via Level 3, one can depart for her/his flight with ease. 

Gates Available at LAX Terminal 8

LAX Terminal 8 is equipped with 8 gates in total.

  • Gate 86B
  • Gate 86A
  • Gates 80-85

Airlines Flying to/out of LAX Terminal 8

United Express and United Airlines manage their flight operations out of Los Angeles International Airport or LAX Terminal 8. Both departures and arrivals of these air carriers are managed here. 

Terminal 8 of Los Angeles International Airport is large enough to manage thousands of flights. It includes the regulation of domestic/International flights. Further, this complex facilitates access to the various areas of the building. In addition, through its amenities, this complex provides travelers with a full experience. 

Where is LAX Terminal 8 located?

Terminal 8 is a part of the LAX Airport structure. Its address is – 1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA. 

How to find T8 of Los Angeles International Airport?

At LAX Airport, there are certain signs available to find/visit Terminal 8. Follow the same.

Which airlines take off via Terminal 8?

Majorly, United Airlines and United Express fly out of Terminal 8. 

Which airlines besides United arrive and depart via LAX T8?

Other than United and its regional branch, United Express, no other airlines fly to/from this terminal.

How to visit Terminal 8 at Los Angeles International Airport?

To visit or access LAX Terminal 8, airport shuttles are available for internal transfers.

How to Transfer to LAX Terminal 8? 

When a flier needs to access Terminal 8 from other areas at LAX Airport, courtesy shuttles are functional. They are active all day at no cost. 

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