Both international and domestic flight landings are handled at Chicago Midway International Airport/MDW. To manage these in a systematic way, there is 1 main terminal accessible. The Midway Airport arrival terminal has Concourse A, Concourse B, and Concourse C. In accordance with the schedules of various air carriers, flights arrive at respective concourses. After arriving here, multiple procedures are managed. Information regarding MDW baggage claims, customs and immigration, etc., can be offered to travelers. 

Information on Midway Airport Flight Arrivals

Airlines Arriving at Chicago Midway Airport Terminal 

7 airlines use Chicago Midway International Airport’s main terminal for their regular flight landings. For the same, these carriers are assigned different concourses. 

Flight arrivals at Midway Airport

Carriers Arriving at Concourse A 

  • Allegiant Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Porter Airlines
  • Volaris Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines 

Airlines Arriving at Concourse B 

As of now, Southwest Airlines manages its flight arrivals via Concourse B at MDW Airport’s only terminal. 

Arrival of Airlines at Concourse C

At present, through Concourse C of the main terminal, MDW Airport, the flight landings for Avelo Airlines and Frontier Airlines are observed. 

MDW Airport has 3 concourses at its main terminal to manage daily flight arrivals. These concourses are designated in accordance with each airline’s schedule. Here, one can finish all the procedures upon arrival. Afterward, fliers can find necessary facilities like transportation, allowing them to conclude their travel without any hassle.

When to come to Chicago Midway Airport for pickup after flight arrivals?

To pick up the arriving passengers at MDW Airport, visitors should come 20 to 30 minutes early before the flights land.

Which airlines land at MDW Airport?

Currently, the flights of 7 airlines land at this airport in Chicago. Southwest Airlines and Frontier Airlines are some of these.

Which transit mode can I use after MDW arrivals?

After arriving at MDW Airport, fliers can book/use public and private transit modes. They include rental cars, taxis, and buses.

What services are available after arrival at MDW?

Flyers can use ATMs and banking facilities after arriving at MDW Airport. Charging stations and kids’ play areas are available as well.

How do I get to baggage claim after flight arrival at Midway Airport?

To locate and reach the baggage claim areas, use the Midway International Airport map. One can find this map displayed at the airport itself.

What is the process at Chicago Midway Airport for international arrivals?

After arriving at MDW Airport internationally, fliers must clear customs and immigration.

How to find out the Midway International Airport arrivals schedule?

To get the most recent information on arrivals, go to the MDW Airport website. Or, use the display boards available at the airport to know the same.

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