As an international traveler, currency exchange services become essential to use when visiting or departing from Chicago Midway International Airport. Here, 1 main currency exchange center is available. Though there is only one currency exchange center at Midway Airport, fliers can easily access and make use of this. It is operated by the Seaway Bank which provides low or reasonable rates. This service is functional at varied hours. Besides this facility, ATMs are available throughout its concourses, except for C. 

Guide on Currency Exchange at Midway Airport
MDW Airport Currency Exchange, ATMs & Banks Information

Midway Airport Currency Exchange Location

Number of Currency Exchange Centers 1
Location At Concourse A, Gate 1
Operated bySeaway Bank
Functional Hours 07:00 A.M. to 04:15 P.M. (Monday to Friday)
07:00 A.M. to 04:00 P.M. on Saturday
07:00 A.M. to 03:00 P.M. on Sunday 
Contact Number (773)-735-2810
Payment Mode Accepted Credit/debit cards and cash 

ATMs at Midway International Airport

Concourse/AreaNumber of ATMsLocation 
Concourse A3Gates 10, 1, and 5
Concourse B 3Gates 9, 18, and 20
Central Market 1

Currency exchange services are offered by Chicago Midway International Airport at its Concourse A. Midway Airport currency exchange is provided by a reputable firm named the Seaway Bank. In addition to catering to the additional financial needs, 7 ATMs are also available at Concourses A, B, and the Central Market. 

Is there a currency exchange center at Midway Airport Concourse C?

At present, the Midway International Airport Concourse C does not have currency exchange centers.

How many ATMs are at Midway International Airport?

7 ATMs are installed at Concourses A and B as well as the Central Market at MDW Airport.

Is currency exchange costly at Midway Airport?

Usually, at MDW Airport, the currency exchange rate is low or reasonable. The same is ensured by the Seaway Bank.

Can I find the Bank of America ATM at Midway Airport?

Currently, one cannot find the Bank of America ATM at Midway International Airport.

Does Midway Airport have the Chase ATM?

Presently, MDW Airport does not feature the Chase ATM within its premises.

How many currency exchange centers are at Midway Airport?

As of now, there is 1 center for currency exchange at MDW or Midway Airport.

Does Travelex manage currency exchange at Chicago Midway Airport?

At present, Travelex does not manage the currency exchange facilities at Chicago Midway International Airport.