Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW), located in Illinois, US, facilitates regular and seasonal departures of some of the best airlines. These MDW departures are handled at its main terminal. Here, this complex is distributed into 3 Concourses, namely, A, B, and C. For these flight operations, each concourse has specific gates. Also, at these buildings, counters/desks are functional to manage pre-departure procedures such as check-ins, baggage deposits, and TSA PreChecks. 

Details on Midway International Airport Departures

Airlines Departing from Chicago Midway International Airport Terminal

At MDW Airport, departures are frequently regulated for domestic and international destinations. These places are served by over 7 airlines through this airfield’s Concourses A, B, and C.

MDW Airport Departures

Concourse A Departures

Currently, 5 air carriers depart from Concourse A of Chicago Midway Airport, Illinois.

  • Southwest Airlines
  • Allegiant Air
  • Porter Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Volaris Airlines

Concourse B Departures

As of now, Southwest Airlines is the only carrier that flies out of Concourse B, Midway Airport.

Departures at Concourse C 

At present, Concourse C of MDW handles flight departures of 2 air carriers.

  • Frontier Airlines
  • Avelo Airlines

From Concourses A, B, and C of Midway Chicago Airport, a variety of airlines take off to various domestic as well as international destinations. Beyond departures, these complexes efficiently manage pre-flight processes. Through these, it becomes possible to ensure timely take-off of flights during different travel seasons.

How many airlines depart from Midway Airport?

As of now, 7 airlines depart from Chicago Midway International Airport.

Can I track Chicago Midway Departures today?

Yes, one can track the latest departures at MDW Airport. Check the official website of the airport for the same.

How many gates are there at the airport in Midway for departures?

Currently, there are 43 gates at MDW Airport. Some of these are used for departures.

What terminal does Southwest Airlines use at Midway Airport for departures?

Southwest Airlines departs from Concourses A and B of the only terminal at MDW Airport.

Are there any delayed departures at Midway today?

Although all the flights take off on time from Chicago Midway Airport, travelers can go to its official website to check for any delays.

What time should I arrive at Midway Airport for flight departures?

One must arrive 2 hours prior to scheduled departures at this airport based in Chicago.

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