Whether it is a stopover or passengers wanting to rest before or after their journeys, airport lounges are the best picks. Unfortunately, there are no lounges when traveling via Chicago Midway International or MDW Airport. However, passengers navigating this airfield can have other alternatives such as rest areas, nearby hotels, etc.

MDW Airport Lounge Guide
List of Chicago Midway Airport Lounge

Upcoming Lounge at Midway Airport

Even though MDW lounges are not available, the airport is likely to get its very first lounge by the end of 2024. As per the reports, the lounge will be named the “Club MDW” and it will be a part of “The Club” – lounges network. 

  • This lounge will be accessible to all members or priority pass holders.
  • For unlimited visits to this lounge, the annual pass will cost fliers around USD 469. 
  • According to the sources, affordable pass options will be offered but the same will come with limited yearly visits and reduced amenities/benefits.

Alternatives to Lounges at MDW Airport

There are no lounges at Midway Airport but travelers can still have a few other options here. The same are accessible depending on their needs.

Type of AlternativeLocationAmenities/FacilitiesMembership DetailsContact Details and Opening Hours
Mother’s RoomConcourse C, Next to the Yoga RoomWashing Area
Comfort Seating
Tranquil Space
Only nursing mothers can access it.
Lactation PodsGate A5, Concourse AComfortable space
Privacy to pump or nurse
Luxurious lactation pods
It is suitable for breastfeeding moms.
Kids Play AreaNear Gate A5Delightful playing space
Popcorn machines
Nearby toy shops
An easily accessible food hall
Families traveling with kids can have fun or simply relax here.
Yoga RoomConcourse CBamboo wood flooring
Yoga mats
Personal space to keep one’s belongings
Tranquil space to meditate and relax 
Anyone can access it.  From 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. daily
USOFree Wi-Fi
Complimentary food
Free beverages
Free books and other reading materials
Calling cards
Travel and flight information
Active duty military officials and their family members can access USO.Call: (773) 582-5852

Alternatives to Lounges Near Midway Airport

Fliers can locate nearby lounges at Chicago Midway Airport, Illinois. Since the options are plenty, one can choose according to one’s budget, needs, and other factors.

Nearby Lounges

Name of the LoungeLocationDistance from the MDW Airport
Battle of MidwayNear Gate A3

At Midway Airport no lounge is available but flyers will get access to one by the end of 2024. Till then, they can utilize other alternatives such as relaxing options within the airport complex. Additionally, a flyer can make the best use of the local lounges as well as nearby hotels.

Does Chicago Midway Airport have a lounge?

No, currently Midway International Airport, Chicago, has no lounge.

When will the first lounge at MDW Airport open?

As per certain sources, MDW Airport will get its first lounge by the end of 2024.

Who will be eligible to access the MDW Airport lounge?

Travelers with priority passes will be eligible to access the MDW Airport lounge in 2024.

What are the expected charges for the MDW Airport lounge’s priority passes?

For annual passes and unlimited visits, the expected fee will be USD 469. However, the MDW Airport lounge will also offer affordable passes with limited visits.

What are the alternatives to lounges at Midway Airport?

As of now, passengers can choose to stay and relax at the airport. Or, they can opt for hotels situated outside MDW.

Is there any lounge nearby Chicago Midway International Airport?

Battle of Midway is the lounge that is just within walking distance of Midway Airport.

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