Sleeping pods allow departing/arriving and stopover travelers to relax conveniently within the airport terminals. However, there are no sleeping pods at Chicago Midway Airport (MDW), IL, at the moment. But other suitable options are still there that can be availed by fliers. The same includes indoor facilities and hotels/lounges situated outside the airfield.

Midway Airport Sleeping Pods
Alternatives For Sleep Pods at Chicago Midway Airport

Alternatives to Sleep Pods at MDW Terminal

Although Midway Airport has no sleeping pods as of now, flyers can still rest in the options available.

At Concourse A

  • Different couches are available at concourse A.
  • They are located near the food court.
  • These are more comfortable than conventional seats. 

At Concourse C

  • At MDW, this is the cleanest and quietest concourse of all with limited benches.
  • Passengers can also sleep on the floor at this concourse.
  • To sleep comfortably and peacefully, they can bring sleeping bags or mats. 

In Airside Areas

  • Multiple seating options are available at the airside areas at MDW.
  • They are relatively more comfortable than normal seats.
  • Travelers can have a more relaxing time as the seats have armrests.
  • The seating area is clean and quiet.

Behind the TSA Security Checkpoint

  • At MDW, metal benches are installed behind the TSA security checkpoint.
  • Fliers will need to locate the midpoint of the concourses for these seats.
  • These benches can be used in the lying down position for better sleep at night.

Sleep Pod Alternatives Nearby MDW Airport

Travelers can book rooms in the hotels near the Chicago Midway Airport for comfortable stays. With advance bookings, they can sleep before/after flights or during layovers.

Chicago Midway Airport offers great services and infrastructure when it comes to the basic level. However, Midway Airport lacks sleeping pods presently. Other comfortable options are there to accommodate the sleeping needs of fliers at MDW. Hence, plan the journey well so that any inconvenience can be avoided.

Does Midway Airport have sleeping pods?

No sleep pods are installed at the moment at Chicago Midway Airport.

What are the best alternatives to sleeping pods near MDW Airport?

Several popular hotels are located near MDW Airport where fliers can head to and sleep before/after their flights or between layovers.

Where can I sleep at MDW Airport?

Midway Airport, Chicago has several seating areas across the concourses where passengers can sleep and rest.

How much will it cost to sleep at Chicago Midway Airport?

Seats are available for fliers at MDW for sleeping. These are located within the concourses and are free to use.

Where can I stay and sleep at MDW Concourse A?

Several couches are installed in Concourse A of Midway Airport so that passengers can relax and sleep.

Who can access the sleep options at Midway Airport?

Any passenger with a valid ticket can access the seating/sleeping options within the Midway International Airport premises.

Which hotel is the best alternative to sleep pods at Chicago Midway Airport?

Hyatt Place Chicago/Midway Airport, DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago Midway Airport, etc., are popular alternatives to sleep pods near MDW.

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