The main terminal at Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW), in Illinois, US, is used by several air operators for departures and arrivals. This complex at the prominent commercial airfield is one of the busiest in the country because of the number of domestic and international passengers served on a daily basis. The Midway International Airport Terminal manages such flow through Concourses A, B, and C. In all, these concourses have 43 gates to regulate different processes of the carriers.

MDW Airport Terminal Guide

Concourses at Chicago Midway Airport Terminal

The Midway Airport Terminal has 3 concourses, named A, B, and C. These areas are equipped with different services and amenities to help airlines regulate their operations well.

Levels at Chicago Midway Airport Terminal 

Levels at Concourses A, B, & CServices
Level 1Central Market
Level 2Baggage 
Level 3Ticketing

Gates at Midway Airport Terminal 

There are more than 40 gates at MDW or Chicago Midway Terminal. These are attached to different concourses at the main complex.

  • Concourse A – 17 gates
  • Concourse C – 3 gates 
  • Concourse B – 23 gates

Airlines at MDW/Midway Airport Terminal 

Currently, Southwest Airlines is the main airline using the MDW Airport Terminal for a huge number of flights. In addition to this, other carriers use it as a base to fly to various locations across the globe.

  • Allegiant Air
  • Delta Connection
  • Avelo Airlines
  • Porter Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Frontier
  • Volaris

Chicago Midway Airport Terminal is a busy building, handling numerous flight arrivals and departures. The complex has three main concourses, multiple gates, and levels. Through these, every flight operation is conducted, usually, on time. Additionally, it enables transfers between the airport buildings for hassle-free movement during peak travel seasons.

How many terminals are at Chicago Midway Airport?

Midway Airport has one main terminal as of now.

Which is the busiest concourse at Midway Airport Terminal?

Among all three concourses, B is usually the busiest one at Chicago Midway Airport.

How many gates are there at the Chicago Midway Terminal?

The central terminal at Chicago Midway International Airport has a total of 43 gates.

The central terminal at Chicago Midway International Airport has a total of 43 gates.

Yes, currently, there are 3 levels at the only terminal of MDW Airport.

Which airlines use the Midway Airport Terminal?

Southwest Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Porter Airlines, etc., use the central terminal at this airport.

How to Transfer to the Chicago Midway Terminal?

Different transit options are available at MDW Airport for easy transfers across 3 concourses. However, passengers must check the availability of the same beforehand.

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