In Illinois, US, Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) has a well-managed baggage claim system. Chicago O’Hare baggage claim centers are located at all 4 terminals. There are 7 carousels in all for both international and domestic fliers’ luggage. These are accessible via several gates located on the Ticketing or other levels/concourses. In addition to this, the airfield has baggage deposit services at every complex. For this, the counters at each complex have to be approached. Note that the specific counter to deposit or claim checked luggage is determined by the airline one flies with. 

ORD Airport
ORD Airport Baggage Claim at Terminals

Baggage Claim at Chicago O’Hare International Airport Terminal 1

Facility Type Location 
Baggage claim centers (2)Concourse B 
Luggage deposit Ticketing Level 

Chicago O’Hare Airport Baggage Services at Terminal 2

Type of Service Location 
Bag deposit Ticketing Level 
Baggage claim centers (2)Carousel 4 and 5

Baggage Services at ORD Airport Terminal 3

Service Type Location 
Baggage claim centers (2)Concourses K and H
Luggage deposit Ticketing Level 

ORD Airport Baggage Claim at Terminal 5

Baggage Service Location 
Luggage deposit Ticketing Level 
Baggage claim Concourse M 

For baggage claim at ORD, there are several counters/centers. At every terminal, one can access these to receive baggage after a flight. Aside from these, other services including luggage deposit are available here. One can look for the specific counter or carousel belt to visit as per the airline.

Is a map available to find the baggage claim centers at ORD?

The ORD Airport map is available to locate the baggage claim centers at each terminal.

How many baggage claim centers are at ORD Airport?

Around 7 baggage claim centers are at ORD International Airport, IL.

Does Chicago O’Hare Airport have luggage cart services?

Chicago O’Hare International Airport may not have luggage cart services. 

Can I store baggage at Chicago O’Hare Airport?

As of now, passengers cannot store their baggage at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

Where is the baggage claim center at Chicago O’Hare Airport Terminal 5?

At Concourse M of ORD Airport Terminal 5, the luggage claim center is located.

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