To help fliers find and reunite them with their missing belongings, ORD or Chicago O’Hare International Airport has a dedicated Lost and Found Office. Besides, multiple organizations like the Chicago Police are handling the queries for misplaced items for specific areas here. Depending on the area where a flier had last seen the belonging or bag, he/she can contact the concerned Chicago O’Hare Airport Lost and Found division. In case one is clueless about the last location, one can head to the nearest division/organization’s counter and seek its help. The same will be responsible for filing missing items’ complaints as well as collecting, classifying, and handing these to the right owners.

ORD Airport Lost and Found Office Department
Chicago O'Hare ORD Airport Lost and Found Department/Office

Where is the Office of Lost and Found at Chicago O’Hare?

At ORD Airport in Chicago, Illinois, the Lost and Found department is managed by different agencies. For some of these, the specific addresses or locations can be navigated.

Lost and Found DivisionLocation
Lost and Found Office (Customs Area)Terminal 5, ORD Airport
Airport Transit System Lost & FoundTerminals 1, 2, and 3
Lost and Found services (Parking)Close to terminals
Car Rental Lost and Found OfficeTerminals 1, 2, 3, and 5
Hudson News Lost & FoundAcross different terminals

How to Make a Claim with Chicago O’Hare Lost and Found Office? 

To make claims with the Chicago O’Hare Lost and Found Office, travelers can utilize the dedicated contact numbers of the concerned department/area. They can also find the relevant email ID for the same.

Location/DepartmentContact Details
O’Hare Airport Transit System (ATS)Phone: (773) 601-1817
Food Services and Restaurants(773) 377-7804
Customs Area (Terminal 5)(773) 686-3157 (US Customs)
Parking Facilities/AreasFor Keys Only: (773) 686-7530 (Standard Parking)
For Other Items: (773) 686-2385 (Chicago Police)
Rental Cars/Multi-Modal Facility(773) 462-9515
Hudson News(773) 686-7535
Public areas across the terminals(773) 686-2385 (Chicago Police)

Checking the Status of Claims with ORD Airport Lost and Found Office 

When a flier is done with making claims with the Office for Lost and Found at ORD Airport, they can check the status by contacting the officials or police department.

  • Fliers can get in touch with the officials of the Lost and Found Office of the airport via phone calls.
  • Since multiple agencies are working here, one should call the relevant department for the status.
  • Via mail, passengers can send their concerns regarding the status of claims.
  • The relevant division can be visited in person to collect details about the status of their claims.

How to Recover Items from the ORD/Chicago O’Hare Airport Lost and Found Office? 

Fliers can get their lost items back at Chicago Airport by contacting the concerned Lost and Found office. However, they must get in touch with the officials during the standard business hours.

  • A flier will need to show the ID, ownership evidence, and other documents as required.
  • One may need to submit one’s address proof documents and others.
  • A fee may be payable if the items are shipped by the Chicago ORD Lost and Found Office to the owner.

Chicago O’Hare TSA Office Lost and Found

Travelers can contact the TSA police right after they lose items at the respective checkpoints at ORD Airport.

  • To make a claim, one can fill out the online form via the website of the TSA.
  • One can also claim by calling on the TSA Lost and Found Chicago O’Hare division.
  • Dial (773) 377-1210 during working hours to report the issue on call.

Airline-Specific Lost and Found Facilities at ORD Airport 

AirlineLocation for Lost & Found OfficeTelephone Number
Aer LingusTerminal 31-800-474-7424
Delta Air LinesTerminal 51-800-221-1212
American AirlinesTerminals 3 and 51-800-433-73001-800-543-1586 (TTY)
Etihad AirwaysTerminal 51-877-690-0767
United AirlinesTerminals 1 and 51-800-864-83311-800-538-29291-800-323-0170
Southwest AirlinesTerminal 51-800-435-97921-800-533-1305
JetBlueTerminal 21-800-538-2583

Chicago ORD Lost and Found offices are handled by different agencies. These include the airport police as well. All these divisions ensure passengers get their missing items or baggage back as quickly as possible. Besides, the area-specific divisions can be approached for quick redressal of the issue.

Is there any lost and found office at Chicago O’Hare Airport?

Yes, more than one lost and found office is available at the ORD Chicago O’Hare Airport.

Who manages lost and found at ORD Airport?

Multiple agencies including airport police handle lost and found queries and concerns at ORD Airport.

What is the contact number of ORD lost and found?

Since different or location-based lost and found offices are at ORD, one can contact them accordingly. For instance, fliers can dial (773) 686-2385 (Chicago Police) if something is lost within the terminals.

What is the Chicago ORD lost and found email address?

To get in touch with the ORD lost and found ATS division, one can send their queries via email at Email:

How to get in touch with the TSA lost and found at ORD?

Passengers can either fill out the online form on the TSA’s official website or simply call (773) 377-1210.

How can I find my lost item if lost in the parking area?

To locate misplaced keys at standard parking, fliers can dial (773) 686-7530. For all other items at ORD airport, people can contact the Chicago Police at (773) 686-2385.

Does the ORD Airport Lost and Found Office Charge a Fee? 

Even though filing complaints does not involve any fee, it is better to collect information about the same by contacting the Chicago O’Hare Lost and Found Office. While inquiring about the applicable fees, a traveler should ask about the charges levied for the recovered items if shipped to another region or country.

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