Located in SeaTac, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is a major airfield in the US that offers various services including parking. To make their travel more convenient, fliers can opt for SEA Airport parking lots located at different levels of the main terminal. Visitors coming to pick up passengers can also utilize the same. These areas are designated as Reserved, Drive Up, Electric, Accessible, and Motorcycle Parking. Some of these can be reserved online. However, for others, booking is based on first come, first served. The prices to book these differ on the basis of service duration.

SEA Airport Parking Guide

Reserved Parking at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Seattle Airport Reserved Parking
LocationLevel 4 of Parking Garage
Accessibility forAll fliers along with disabled fliers

Rates for Reserved Parking at SEA Airport

Parking DurationRate (In USD)
Daily (24-hours)$47
Overstay (Daily Maximum)$10

Drive Up Parking at SEA Airport, Washington

Drive Up Parking at Seattle Airport
General ParkingFloors 1-3
Floors 5-8

Cost for Drive-Up Parking

Parking TypeCost (In $)

Electric Vehicle Parking at Seattle Airport (SEA)

Type of ParkingLocationNumber of Stalls
GeneralRow E and F, Floor 7$64
ReservedRow E and F, Floor 4$30

Accessible Parking at SEA Airport, WA

Parking TypeLocation
ReservedFloor 4
GeneralFloor 5

Over-Height Parking at Seattle Airport, SeaTac 

Height limit of vehicles6’10’’
Total Stalls78 (4 for ADA use only)

Motorcycle Parking Facility at SEA Airport

Parking TypeGeneral
LocationFloor 3, Rows U and W

How to Reserve Seattle Airport Parking Services? 

To reserve airport parking at Seattle Airport, fliers can navigate its official website. Within a few steps, a lot can be booked in advance.

  • Visit the website of SEA and click on “Parking at Sea-Tac Airport”.
  • Tap on “Try Reserved Parking”.
  • Press the “Reserve Now” button.
  • Input the date and time for reservation.
  • Then hit “Continue”.

Contact Details for SEA Airport Parking Services

Fliers can book offline or ask about parking-related queries through several contact mediums:

Service TypeContact Information
Drive-up Parking/General info206-787-5308
Reserved Parking206-787-4888
Email IDSEAcustomercare@portseattle.org

At the main terminal of Seattle Airport, parking garages are located. These are available on different levels of the building. Fliers can book lots easily via the airport’s official website on the basis of their preferences. Or, at the airport, they can make bookings in person.

How much is parking at Seattle Airport?

At SeaTac Airport, parking has different rates based on the duration of use.

Can I utilize Seattle Airport parking without any reservation?

Currently, parking vehicles at this airport in Washington is not allowed without any reservation.

How to book long-term parking near Seattle Airport?

Long-term bookings can be made through the SEA Airport parking email address:  reservesea@portseattle.org.

Where is bicycle parking at Seattle Airport?

Bicycles can be parked at Levels 3 and 4 of the main terminal at this airport.

Can I charge my car in the parking areas at Sea-Tac Airport?

On Floor 7 of General Parking and Floor 4 of Reserved Parking of the main terminal of SEA Airport, one can charge electric cars.

What is the maximum Seattle-Tacoma International Airport parking duration?

Travelers/visitors can halt vehicles at the SEA Airport parking for nearly 30 days. To confirm the duration, it is suggested to contact the authorities.

How to inquire about Sea-Tac Airport parking rates?

Passengers can inquire about SEA Airport parking rates by calling 206-787-5308.

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