In Washington, US, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport consists of over 50 shops within the main terminal and 2 satellite buildings. At these SEA or Seattle Airport shops, passengers/visitors can find an array of goods that can cater to their diversified needs. These include electronics, essentials, gifts, souvenirs, makeup, apparel, and several other items. Besides, one can find some duty-free shopping items and carry them on board. A majority of these outlets are easy to access. They are located near different gates across the levels at the main terminal and North/South Satellite buildings.

List of Sea Tac Airport shops
Seattle Airport Shops Details

Seattle Airport Shopping Stores at the Main Terminal

PlanePowerLevel 5,Near Gate A12
Level 5,Close to Gate C1
Level 5,Nearby Gate C15
TUMILevel 5
Sub Pop RecordsLevel 5,Central Terminal
Seattle ChocolateLevel 5,Near Gate C2
Seattle MadeLevel 5,Close to Gate C2
PlanewearLevel 5,Near Central Terminal
Lady YumLevel 5,Close by Gate A1
MAC CosmeticsLevel 5,Nearby Central Terminal
ExOfficioLevel 5,At a close range by Gate B1
Baby FoodieLevel 5,Near Gate A1
Made in WashingtonLevel 5,Close to Central Terminal
FireworksLevel 5,Near Central Terminal
SwarovskiLevel 5,Close to Gate A5
PlaneWaterLevel 5,Near Central Terminal
CoachLevel 5,Closeby the Central Terminal
Dufry Duty-FreeLevel 5,Near Gate A10
Level 5,Near Gate D1
Lowrider Cookie CompanyLevel 5,Near Gate A1
The Confectionery StoreLevel 5,Close to Gate A1
FuelRodLevel 3,Claim 9
Level 3,Claim 6
Level 5,Near Gate A10
Level 5,Within a close range of Gate A5
Level 5,Near Gate D5
Level 5,Close to Gate B3
Level 5,Near Gate C16
HudsonLevel 5,Near Checkpoint 4
Level 5,Near Door 19
Level 3, Nearby SEA TAC Baggage Claim
Level 5,Near Central Terminal
Level 5,Close to Gate A9
Level 5,
Level 5,Nearby Gate C9
Level 5,Near Gate B6
Level 5,Closeby Gate D6
Level 3,Near Gate D22
Level 5,Close to Gate A4
Urban MarketLevel 3,Bag Claim 7
Level 5,Near Gate D2
InMotion EntertainmentLevel 5,Close by Gate A5
Level 5,Near Gate D6

SEA/Seattle Airport Shopping Outlets at North Satellite Terminal

New StandLevel 5,Near Gate N19
NATALIE’S Candy JarLevel 5,Close to Gate N20
SEApop CultureLevel 5,Near Gate N1
FILSONLevel 5,Closeby Gate N1
Show PonyLevel 5,Near Gate N6
Tender Loving EmpireLevel 5,At a close range of Gate N20
Pike and PineLevel 5,Near Gate N2
Chalo SeattleLevel 5,Close to Gate N2
FuelRodLevel 5,Near Gate N11

Seattle Airport Shopping Stores at South Satellite Terminal

Shopping Outlet/StoreLocation
Dufry Duty-FreeLevel 5,Near Gate S10
HudsonLevel 5,Within a close range of Gate S2

Contact Details for Seattle Airport Shops

A passenger may need details about the opening hours of a specific shop or information regarding terminal/concourse-based stores. He/she can get in touch with the authorities of Seattle-Tacoma Airport (SEA).

Contact Number(206) 787-5388(800) 544-1965

Whether a flyer has some last-minute urgencies or simply wants to buy gifts/items as an impression of a trip, Seattle Airport shops should be explored. In addition to this, some duty-free options are there to buy stuff and carry them on the flight.

Is there any option for shopping near the Seattle Airport?

There are more than 50 shops within the Main Terminal and Concourse N and S of Seattle Tacoma International Airport.

What can I buy from the SEA-TAC shopping centers or shops?

Flyers can buy electronics, apparel, makeup, essentials, and several other items at the shops of Seattle Airport.

Are there duty-free shops at Seattle Airport?

Dufry Duty-Free is the best option to buy different goods and bring them onboard at Seattle Tacoma Airport.

Which Seattle Tacoma Airport shops are good options to buy electronics?

Although there are many good shops at Seattle Tacoma Airport to buy genuine electronic items, InMotion Entertainment is considered the best among all.

What are the open hours of Seattle Airport gift shops?

Every shop at Seattle Airport opens and closes at different times. Hence, it is good to inquire about the same in advance.

Does Seattle Airport have a shopping mall within its complex?

No, only gift, duty-free, electronic, make-up, and other stores are located within the complex of Seattle International Airport.

How can I get details about the Seattle Airport shopping options?

One can dial (206) 787-5388 or (800) 544-1965 to inquire about various aspects including the shops and duty-free options at SEA-TAC.